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  1. Linda, I really enjoyed your pictures of the vow renewal. You looked amazing! It was a highlight for us. And, it was extra special to receive the hard copies of both messages. Extra special!!!When we go back, we're going to try and get the Marina Dinner. Sounds magical. Hope you are doing well with the beginning of winter. We've already had freezing temps.
  2. Yes, there is a bathroom. However, give yourself plenty of time if you are going to change before your ceremony. The line was quite long when I needed to change. I believe there are only 2-3 stalls and the floor is wet and sandy. (Which is what you would expect for a beach bathroom!) Enjoy, Oleta It was definitely a highlight of our cruise. It's a beautiful ceremony. I gave my camera to a person who took pictures for us. The cruise photographer also took pictures.
  3. I am afraid this is a silly question, but we have never been to FP before. How do I get the Tahiti Wi-Fi? Thank you
  4. We have great success using What'sApp when we are traveling. You HAVE to be connected via wi-fi. We can send text msgs, pictures, and call. You might want to research this app. It has worked for us. Hope it works for you, too. BTW, an employee at AT&T recommended this app to me.
  5. Thank you TBK for your input. Obviously, the most important part would be our vow renewal. I will discuss this once we get on board. Appreciate your advice!
  6. Wendy, we get in at 9:45 pm. We are so excited!
  7. Actually, we are flying in 4 days before our cruise. We did a pre cruise booking with PG and it appeared to be a great deal. This way, we get to wake up in Tahiti on our 40th Anniversary! 😎
  8. We are booked on the 4:40 flight on July 6th. This is our first time sailing with PG and also our first time on ATN. I would be very interested to find out how much more we would have to pay to get PE.
  9. Since we are scheduled for the Motu Mahana Vow Renewal, would we even have time for an excursion? I've read that snorkeling there is amazing. Needless to say, we don't want to miss the BBQ! Thank you for your advice!
  10. I apologize for getting you two couples mixed up! Happy Anniversary to both of you!
  11. Magroo, I just realized you are sailing in July 2020. I want to wish you both a very happy 30th Anniversary. Enjoy your planning time! It gets more and more exciting each time you learn something new. We have about 5.5 months to go. Can't wait! This will be our first trip to FP also! So glad you also got the Vow Renewal! It will be an incredible memory, I'm sure! Oleta
  12. We have booked the Motu Mañana Vow Renewal for our 40th Anniversary on the July 10th PG cruise. Which cruise in July are you on? I wanted to let you know that they only let 2 couples celebrate the vow renewal on the Motu. We were the 2nd one for our cruise. Hope you are on the July 10th cruise! Oleta
  13. Happy New Year! I have greatly appreciated the advice you have shared on so many topics regarding FP and PG cruises. I am still trying to learn more before our trip in July 2019! I've purchased the Olympus TG 5. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but I will. Am I correct in understanding that you recommend: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/859972-REG/Olympus_V323060BW000_CLA_T01_Conversion_Lens_Adapter.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/122502-REG/Tiffen_405CP_40_5mm_Circular_Polarizing.html? Do they both fit the TG 5? I went to these websites and saw that they work on the TG 4, but I didn't see the TG 5. Now, I will admit some of the info that you have shared sounds greek to me. 🙂 I am a novice and take the pictures on our trips. Do you recommend the "Fish lens? Or, is it the wide angle lens that you don't feel is necessary? I hope these questions make sense. This will be our first trip to FP, and I truly want to capture as much of it as I can. Thank you again for your priceless advice! I've taken notes on many of your suggestions! Oleta
  14. Does anyone have any reviews on cabin 437? Thank you
  15. Dana, I just found your board. I'm so excited to read about your whole trip. We just booked the 10 day cruise for July 2019 for our 40th Anniversary. This will also be our first time to FP and on a PG cruise. Our excitement is very hard to control. I don't think I could have waited as long as you both did. Anyway, I was curious how you found out about the extra OBC that PG offered. I believe we are getting $200 now. I will continue reading your messages and taking great notes. Thank you
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