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  1. Thanks for the wonderful information. I will definitely go to Tahiti and take the Windstar cruise but not until I can move freely on and off the ship and plan my own private excursions. Until then it will have to wait.
  2. It breaks my heart but we are still cancelling our July 2021 Tahiti cruise. Too many potential issues, too many tests, too many rules and regulations. Even though we are fully vaccinated and got such a great deal.
  3. I agree with mini donuts. We are booked on July cruise and will cancel soon. We don’t want to be “guinea pigs” for Windstar. First sailing in Tahiti was June until last week, now it’s July. Too early for cruising and foresee many problems arising. France is a mess and they control what goes on in Tahiti. But, especially don’t want to have restrictions on excursions.
  4. My husband are booked for a July 21 10 day Tahiti cruise this year. After everything that we have read here we are seriously considering cancelling. This would probably be our only trip to Tahiti and we want it to be perfect. The fact that Windstar is now only starting up in June makes us very nervous. We do not like the new excursion restrictions, we had reserved with private outfitters and prefer to go that route. How can they provide excursions like snorkeling to everyone who wants to go? The expanded dining hours only means fighting to get the dinner time you prefer or eating dinner at 6. We got an amazing deal on this cruise. Half what the present fares are. Also got great first class airfare on Delta also half of United. It doesn’t seem that Windstar will honor our great fare and transfer to new cruise. Also there are very few 10 day cruises in 2022 on Wind Spirit. Do you think the fares will come down next year from what they are now? We hate to cancel it all but it doesn’t sound that cruising on Windstar in 2021 will be anything like we have known.
  5. I emailed Windstar asking about catching a 7:20 am flight and they never responded. So we went ahead and booked the flight anyway. They have to let us disembark especially since the ship docks in Papeete the night before. Of course we are assuming this cruise in July actually happens.
  6. Thank you for clarifying. I did not know that.
  7. Sorry but I am confused. Why are you saying that to get on the Spirit you have to wait until May 2022? We have a booking for July 21. Have they cancelled all the cruises for 2021?
  8. Thank you Heartfelt Traveler for the information. I will contact Windstar and ask if we can disembark early for the flight. The fare Suisse looks like a great option for the night before the cruise. Hoping we get to do this cruise in July🤞
  9. I have been looking at flights to Tahiti. We are booked for cruise in July. United has a flight from San Francisco but today the only return showing is via Auckland for a total of 38 hrs! Air France flight leaves Tahiti at 7:20 am. Is that even possible to make? Otherwise Air Tahiti is at 11:45 pm. What can you do until that time? I’m now wishing we had booked the package. Any suggestions?
  10. Just went on the website to look at Bucket List sale. I clicked on Lake Como and Adriatic 11 day and was sent to a 9 day Rome to Venice cruise. This sort of thing happened repeatedly. I’m sorry but the new website is so bad. Absolutely hate it. Is it me or the website? HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
  11. Well they certainly make it sound like the sale is something special. “Special pricing coupled with double discount “. Not really I guess. The cruise I booked back in May is now twice what we paid. Go figure?
  12. Has anyone been able to see what they are offering during this Members Only private sale. I have looked at their website and can’t seem to find the link. They mention double discounts. What does that mean?
  13. I would not want to be a guinea pig. Our cruise is scheduled for July 2021. We have never been to Tahiti either and we would not want anything to spoil this cruise of a lifetime. So many things could go wrong. First of all, French Polynesia could shut down as they see more Covid cases. There is too much risk in my opinion. I just hope that by July next year things will have changed and things go back to some kind of normal. PS She could sure use a coat of paint!
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