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  1. thanks all....... i will book afternoon and not worry
  2. 5/22/22 departure miami rccl Explorer of the seas arrives 7am can i self disembark and still make it by 10:15 for a check in for a 11:30 flight or am i pushing it and should just take a 2 or 3pm flight? thanks in advance for your help scott
  3. dont do it on your own. we just came back from RCCL AOS excursion... great trip highlight of our trip... except 4 out of 12 vehicles broke down over the tough terrain. we were ok but we saw people on there own who broke down and depending on where lack of cell service.. but great adventure.
  4. we are also just back and jessica with gone caribe was a great guide and host. joey would have been with us also but had dental surgery day before... great fun
  5. just came off AoS. lots of washy washy ship very clean... but not the usual of seeing people cleaning railings as normal. then again ship very clean everywhere.
  6. we have done a number of trips but last one to hawaii with 5 days at sea and 4 days at sea back was too menty sea days on a midsize ship for us. were now booked on 8 day 2 days at sea each way..
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