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  1. Just a quick question please. Does anyone out there know where the sign up/registration is for the "Canvas by U" painting activity on the BLISS? I wonder what the cost is? I'm guessing about $50-$60? Thank you
  2. Thanks for the info/update "keifernny," I have some friends on the Dawn and was wondering how things were going.
  3. Hi everyone. Was just wondering? Has anybody on the 10/27/19 BLISS Mexi Riviera cruise had their upgrade bid accepted yet? Ship is looking like it might be getting pretty full.
  4. Aft facing balcony on a 15 day Panama Canal cruise, FABULOUS! The best part was not "having" to fight the crowds up on deck to see the locks. Can't imagine doing that particular trip any other way. You will love it, enjoy your cruise.
  5. I wonder what time "Prohibition Happy Hour" is typically performed?
  6. I was able to reserve "Six" by calling NCL, you will receive an E-mail confirmation verifying your reservation. (Oct 27th sailing)
  7. Thank you for taking the time to reply, I appreciate that😃
  8. Thank you for your reply. We always do too. Considering trying something new, the mini spa rooms/amenities sound kind of neat.
  9. Thank you, I hadn't thought about the balcony aspect, we do actually like to sit out there.
  10. Has anyone who has stayed on Bliss deck 15, experienced any extra noise from the deck above? I notice the pool, buffet etc...is on deck 16. I'm considering booking a spa mini/mini suite on deck 15, just wondering if it has been an issue with anyone? Thank you.
  11. Yes, true "tanyaewa," but if you telephone NCL, the rep will make reservations for "Six" for you. If I recall, the performances are on the 28th and 29th, 2 times each night (7:30 & 10:30). You will receive an e-mail "entertainment confirmation" for your reservation.
  12. Yes thunter1224, "Jersey Boys " is performing on 2 separate nights on my cruise. Two performances each of those nights, at 7:30 and 10:30. Still no updates on "Havana." The NCL rep I spoke with suggested that "Havana" may be either being replaced by "Six" or perhaps "Havana" will be performing one night only instead of two nights. Truthfully, it sounded like to me that she really didn't know.
  13. "HALLUX" Prohibition shows up on Sun, Wed, Thurs and Sat nights of my sailing. The NCL rep told me, when I asked about it, that it can only be booked onboard.😐
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