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  1. Here is the link to my write up of our trip in 2011. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1344947 Pics in the link below signature. The Costa Rica 1 page is from the Star Flyer.
  2. That would be cool! Called Rachel at SC the other day to see if they had Thailand or French Polynesia coming back on the schedule, but nothing in the works unfortunately. I hadn't looked at my review for awhile, and the new CD they were looking forward to was Ximena....who was the CD on the SF when we went to Costa Rica. She was great! Mike
  3. Hi Karen! Easier to post this link: http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1103490 Have a great trip! Mike
  4. Hi Deb! Thanks for the heads up. We're off to San Juan for a couple of days before heading to Tortola. Have an evening trip to the Bio Bay planned. Sounds like your cruise was a fun one! Mike
  5. budaman

    100 Anos tequila

    Both Mega & Chadraui carry it. The Reposado is usually around $15/16. I'm sure any shops at the Southern piers will carry it also. Mike
  6. I went back & found my report from our trip in Nov.09. Maybe some info you can use. http://boards.cruisecritic.com/showthread.php?t=1103490 Mike
  7. As JOBAKE stated, if interested in the 'sailing' experience, Star Clippers wins hands down. You'll be hard pressed to want to go back to a mainline cruise after sailing on one of their sailing ships. There are albums in the Gallery link in my signature for our three cruises to French Polynesia, Grenadines & Costa Rica. Also, videos of our French Polynesia cruise in the movie section. Mike
  8. You might try Jeannie's Waffle House. They have several TV's in the streetside bar area that always have sports on. Main problem is the satellites for US programming have been repositioned & it now takes a much bigger dish to pick up the signal. Being on ABC might make a few more places have access. Good luck & Hook Em!! Mike
  9. The only one I'm familiar with is on the East Side close to Bob Marley's & the Rasta Bar. I don't know if the blow hole in itself is worth a day, but hitting all the beach bars and seeing the beautiful coastline along the East Side is. During the week, most of the beaches are empty. If you plan on renting a car, be sure to have a designated driver or hire a taxi so everyone can have fun and not worry about consequences. Also, there is some roadwork being done in preparation for the Ironman in November. Mike
  10. We booked our own air through Continental. The flight got in at 11:50AM and we had a 1:50PM departure...both through Houston. Even though we stayed one night pre & 1 post, those times would still work if you didn't. Embarkation starts at 4PM & off the ship between 8 & 10AM. There is no reason to get to Caldera any earlier, because there is absolutely nothing to do while waiting to board. You wait in a big warehouse. We had to tender for boarding, but were at the dock on return. With the new highway, it's only about 2hrs from the Airport to Caldera. Mike
  11. We used Odyssey for our transfers this past January. We went a day early & stayed a day after and used them for all 4 transfers. They were waiting for us at the airport and were very good about stopping at various points along the way....fruit stands, liquor stores, ATM, couple of little craft stores. We even stopped for a while on the bridge to check out the crocodiles. They picked us up the next afternoon from Villa Caletas & took us to Caldera. They were waiting for us at the dock in Caldera when we returned. We actually emailed them while in Quepos, because we didn't get to zipline while on the ship(too many other things to do) to see if they could arrange for us to do that when they picked us up & they handled it without a problem. You also pay for the van, not per person, so if you could find two or three other couples on your trip, you can reduce your individual expenses greatly. Many pics & a slide show in signature link. Enjoy your trip...it's a beautiful country. We're actually doing a return land trip in Sept. to see the Arenal region. Mike
  12. We've made two trips to FP & haven't had a bad dive....one of my favorite places. Additional sites not mentioned previously: Bora Bora: Tapu Moorea: Tiki & the Canyons Raiatea: Miri & the Norby Wreck...little murky here because of the wrecks location, but still interesting. There are many pics in our gallery....link in signature. Also, several videos I took on the latest trip. Have a great time! Mike
  13. Just don't drink the tap water & you & kids should be fine. If you're still concerned, just squeeze lime on your food. Enzymes in the limes will neutralize a lot of the nasties. We've been going to Coz since the 80's & have yet to encounter Montezuma. Mike
  14. There are lots of shops at Puerto Maya, just not a large super mercado like Mega or Chadraui, which would be to the left & about 2 miles in town. There are no large stores to the right of the pier. To the right is the small boat harbor(Caleta), Chankanaab, lots of large hotels & the beach clubs for the next 15 miles or so. Mike
  15. Puerto Maya Pier is about 2 miles south of town....you probably went into Langosta Pier which is in town, and Mega would have been a couple of blocks to the right from there. Chadraui is at 15th & Melgar & Mega is around 10th & Melgar. It should be a $7 cab ride each way from Puerto Maya. Mike
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