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  1. Cruisennerable

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Spreadsheet ..... omg I’ve been keeping hand written notes and rewriting them - how did I not think of spreadsheets Yay more assistance for my ocd
  2. Cruisennerable

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Where can I find that number?
  3. Cruisennerable

    Think "Free" Airfare will actually end tonight?

    On their December cruises out of Miami I’ve been watching these are the differences since the promo changed. The new Take 5 doesn’t appear to be available for the Bliss but you still can get the pick 2 Free @ Sea on Balcony & higher with AIR same price; except you lose the free WIFI that was offered. The Take 5 is available for other ships combined with AIR on cabins including Oceanview and higher now but the cost is higher for the cheapest Oceanview GTY (not to be confused with Sailaway) than the cruises not offering the Take 5 with Air. They have raised the price for the lowest Oceanview room on the Getaway was 1050ish CAD (sorry that is 1.31 times US) and now it’s 1338CAD
  4. Cruisennerable

    GTY Rooms

    I was going to do the same thing but with free air as I’m in Canada but checkered out due to the double uncertainty. Would you please let me know if they also offer you a bid to upgrade?
  5. Cruisennerable

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    You contacted NCL and they sent you a bid at your request?
  6. I absolutely love this new pill type forum and believe it is different from what I’ve seen prior. If we all like myself(I’m now guilty) didn’t comment on it the comments wouldn’t grow. I might be a cursmudgeon but I wish people would use the like button for congratulating people on winning bids instead of making a large quote with a congrats added. Just my opinion and doesn’t mean I’m right
  7. Cruisennerable

    Air Canada - Can't Enter Passport Info

    I was wondering if your Air Canada flight was part of a Sea Air promotion I am sitting on the edge afraid to book this as the options are so up in the air for travel I would be flying out of Toronto and Air Canada is one of the airlines who they might use
  8. Has anyone upgraded on board for only a portion of their trip. When I sailed on Celebrity I was able to do this. I will be on medication for the first half of my cruise and not even able to drink until the last three days and my spouse drinks what is in the DOS package only already. I was hoping to upgrade for 4 days only
  9. Cruisennerable

    NCL PCC or TA preference to book cruise

    It’s tricky what’s yiu are thinking about is a room BX which is not available for promotion (all codes with X are by qualified) also known as a sail away. This is slightly different the cost is more expensive as it’s an actual catagory in this case BF, but they have no regular rooms left so they only offer you GTY for the room code ( take your chances on getting an accessible or someone gets a bid up releasing one) Codes with X are cheaper and therefore not available for the free promo ( which as you can see is not free LOL)
  10. Cruisennerable

    Free Air Plus Free at Sea?

    When I check this promotion it tells me it's available until October 28. I'm really thinking of trying it as it's cheaper for airfare and if any delays happen they take care of new flights if required, it also pairs with 3 free and unlimited WIFI. I live in snowbelt so this makes me feel safer; I can use it for a dec 8 departure on a balcony BF guarantee left only $899.
  11. Looking for cruisers opinions on how they prefer to book their cruises. I am looking at booking a last minute cruise for December on the Bliss using the Air Free @ Sea promotion. This would include airfare, 3 promotions on a balcony BF (only GTY left) 899$, my TA is offering another 75 OBC for cruise under 1000 and a further 50 for being a loyalty customer total of $125 OBC extra. Is there any downside booking with them instead of NCL directly; the cruise is 42 days out.
  12. Cruisennerable

    Ship specific threads

    I hope so too although you can type in a search it’s not very helpful especially when your boat is call getaway, as that word is used a lot on top of that scrolling over and over through roll call after roll call isn’t helpful. ! I also want to see generic groups which are not ship specific but line specific; I learnt so many things I didn’t even know to search for this way before.
  13. Cruisennerable

    Ship specific threads

    I wish there were sub categories for each ship I haven't cruised in a few years but I could have sworn that you make were able to before
  14. Cruisennerable

    What was your upgrade offer and what did you bid

    Just doing research to book a last minute cruise Dec 1 If I book this late is there a chance for me to still be offered a BID
  15. Cruisennerable

    Celebrity Cruise Cancellation Email

    Silhouette Sept 15 France/Italy I just checked their website and it is still showing available?