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  1. Booked this awhile ago but didn't check in here. Anyone know why our cruise is 100% sold out? Is something special happening?
  2. Anyone out there used this company? https://sailingsxm.com/tour/ultimate-powerboat-eco-tour-around-island-st-maarten-st-martin/
  3. We have a wheelchair user in our group, who uses a scooter on vacation. She can swim and do well in water, but mobility for walking/standing is limited. Are there any beach areas were there would be a safe place to put her scooter and get her into a lounger easily? Or any great boat trips where the tour operator would allow us to store the scooter with them while we are out? Snorkeling trip would work, she would probably just stay on the boat. We were able to take her to stingray city in grand cayman, as the boat had more 'stairs' into the water instead of a ladder. Any help?
  4. We use brightly patterned and colored 'crazy' luggage. If I was going to try to steal a bag,I would go for a plain everyday black bag that will blend in. This is just another tip to help with theft at airport and cruise.
  5. We just booked Oasis for December - but I HATE Cats - but..... it was $600 cheaper for the 2 of us over other ships. I have seen Mamma Mia, Grease and Hairspray 2-3 times each in 'real' theater, so I can't base it on a show. We based it on price and fresh out of dry dock. I have been considering switching though, so we get perfect day over labadee.... Ive been going back and forth, but not sure $600 is worth it for a show and a port.
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