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  1. Oh well, it was worth a shot. Next up: trying to convince Viking to let us use one voucher to pay for both prepaid gratuities. Wish us luck!
  2. For anyone else looking at this, the prices are quite high. Range is $300 - $600 depending on the size of bag and direction of shipment for one way. Maybe other ports are more affordable.
  3. I appreciate the suggestion. I’ll look into a quote for that. May work nicely for us since we’re self connecting between Southwest and United in route to Iceland. I wonder if they allow shipping a case of wine...hmmm
  4. Quick question for the group on how to spend out vouchers. We were able to book several excursions using vouchers from last year’s cancelled ocean cruise. Ultimately I was able to spend out my voucher on excursions (only went $35 over) but my partner still has $200 left and there are no excursions left to spend it on. I understand that the residual voucher value cannot be used on board, but am wondering what else we can spend it on without doing something like putting it toward $1000 of Viking Air. Silver spirits package is not a good fit since she doesn’t drink alcohol. Has anyon
  5. Let us know what you find out. We saved the info but are waiting a bit to decide on what we’re doing that day.
  6. We booked our DIY flights with a return a day after disembarking (25-Jul instead of 24-Jul) so that we wouldn’t have to rush to get off the boat at 5 AM and would have some time to visit Blue Lagoon between the cruise terminal and the airport. We found a cheap Airbnb near the airport that would allow us to have a stress free trip to the airport for our 11:40 AM departure. There’s a shuttle called Destination Blue Lagoon that will pick you up from near the cruise terminal or downtown Reykjavik. You can also book the shuttle to take you to the airport afterwards, which is probably what we’ll do.
  7. Agreed. As described above, the best bet is to find an airport where United or Delta meet or nearly meet the Iceland Air prices. Air Canada also competes on US-Iceland flights. For other readers, it should be mentioned that business class on flights to Iceland for most carriers is closer to US Domestic First rather than international business. So a bigger chair with more recline, but generally no lie flat seats like you’d have on US-Asia business class. I believe United is the only carrier offering lie flats US-Iceland, but they are quite pricey.
  8. Our plan in the event of a Viking cancellation is probably just to still go to Iceland on our own. We also booked tickets that can be changed (as voucher) on United instead of Iceland Air. I agree that Viking Air does offer a bit of insurance against cancellation, but in our experience they are not helpful when there’s flight issues en route. I do not consider paying an extra $700 per person to be worth it for marginal protection, especially when the worst case scenario is having to find another trip to use our flight vouchers on. It really depends on individual preferences, but I figure if so
  9. We managed to get a V2 for the 17-Jul sailing of the Iceland trip. Maybe see some of you there. If anyone is booking airfare on their own, Denver, NYC, and Boston are all fairly cheap to fly. We locked in $500 round trip per person out of Denver on United. Iceland Air is putting downward pressure on fares for US cities they serve, but note that cheap fares are basic economy and do not include checked bags. If you can work the system, some US airlines are matching the Iceland Air fares in their own basic economy fares, but you can get a free bag through the co-branded airline credit card instea
  10. We're in that demographic on both counts, though so far together we've just done Viking River since our Ocean trip for 2020 has been cancelled multiple times. As far as I'm aware, there's been no expanded marketing to 20 to 30-somethings, we just sought out cruises without any of the bingo card, art auctions, go karts, etc. nonsense. We like good food and good conversation with fellow passengers, along with sitting in the library and reading. Mainstream lines have made it all but impossible to find any of our preferred attributes so Viking has gained our business. I personally find the single
  11. We're young for the cruise lines we like and are generally closer to the age of the crew aside from the captain, host, etc. We enjoy the bit of extra attention while it lasts 😅
  12. Looks like an fun change of pace for the crew compared to the typical Oceania passenger demographics. Best wishes to the charter for a good sailing.
  13. I'm looking at this from a similar vantage point. I'm really liking the food menus and pictures. If they can keep up the quality over the next year, we'll be considering it. We are in our lower 30s and just can't stomach the slop NCL and others are serving these days. Azamara is on my short list too, along with U by Uniworld (river) and Amadeus (river). Viking River is currently our go to, but we'd like to find a somewhat faster paced group for the tours...
  14. I've given up on NCL as well. After a recent 5 day on the Joy with UBP and three specialty restaurant meals I'm done. Life is too short for mediocre food and drink. The MDR food has sharply declined since I started sailing NCL in 2011. I send multiple entrees at both lunch and dinner back for a second or third try and they couldn't deliver. Mahi Mahi cooked to the texture of cardboard, beef skewers ordered medium rare but delivered gray and dry, canned (!) diced tomatoes served as a side on the plate. It's lousy food meant to drive people to the upcharge restaurants. Le Bistro lamb was on poin
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