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  1. I'm looking at this from a similar vantage point. I'm really liking the food menus and pictures. If they can keep up the quality over the next year, we'll be considering it. We are in our lower 30s and just can't stomach the slop NCL and others are serving these days. Azamara is on my short list too, along with U by Uniworld (river) and Amadeus (river). Viking River is currently our go to, but we'd like to find a somewhat faster paced group for the tours...
  2. I've given up on NCL as well. After a recent 5 day on the Joy with UBP and three specialty restaurant meals I'm done. Life is too short for mediocre food and drink. The MDR food has sharply declined since I started sailing NCL in 2011. I send multiple entrees at both lunch and dinner back for a second or third try and they couldn't deliver. Mahi Mahi cooked to the texture of cardboard, beef skewers ordered medium rare but delivered gray and dry, canned (!) diced tomatoes served as a side on the plate. It's lousy food meant to drive people to the upcharge restaurants. Le Bistro lamb was on point and delicious, but cheese plate for dessert was served with cream cheese and saltines on the plate, cost cutting gone too far. If you were hoping to try new cocktails on the UBP, I hope you like sweet. All of the cocktails save a few are saccharine premixes, with bartenders requiring an upcharge to make from scratch. Bars are severely understaffed for the number of passengers ordering drinks, typically 15-20 minutes wait to get a neat pour of whiskey at the bar between Taste and Savor. If one likes food and drink for flavor and experience, NCL is not the line to cruise, unfortunately.
  3. Be aware you might not be able to get many rides in with the unlimited pass. The track is only open limited hours and has a line to wait in if you aren't holding reservation for that time slot. Haven guests without reservations get a shorter line on top of that. Id look for more info on here about whether pass will be a good deal for your length of cruise.
  4. I can confirm the presence of the Nitro Cold Brew taps and Starbucks Card readers. Pro-tip: the observation lounge location typically had a much shorter line compared to the atrium location.
  5. For Cabo san Lucas, I enjoyed my visit to Santos Distilados (+52 624 174 3458 https://maps.app.goo.gl/rPARkiAwmVdkYccC6) which had many tequilas and mezcals to try. I found a mezcal I really liked and brought a bottle home. Not cheap, but was an opportunity to try something completely new to me.
  6. We're on the same boat. We hope for the best, but are going to try to keep spirits up and be flexible with the boat changes. We are just glad that the staff on the Jarl seems to be going with the flow and still providing the excellent service we remember from our last Viking river cruise in 2016. We look forward to running into you, we're the couple from New Mexico on honeymoon.
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