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  1. BF_Philly - Bob, I looked at the Enterprise web site and pulled up the Tampa page. It shows 15 locations. It brings up 5 at a time, and there's a place to click in the upper right hand corner to look at the others. They have a place in the airport, and there is one on W. Spruce St. which would be the closest to the Chase Suites. The location on W. Spruce is along the S. boarder of the airport. It doesn't take very long to go to Rocky Point from the W. Spruce address.


    I follow some other threads, like roll calls of cruises I have booked, and I do look at the main boards for HAL and Celebrity quite often. It's easy to find me here though, since I subscribe to this thread and check it almost every day unless I'm out of town on business.






    I saw 15 locations but none on Spruce St. Is it under another name?





  2. Bob - Are you sure about that? For dates I booked this summer, the rate for a two-bedroom at Woodfin (Chase) Suites is $139 and on the ship-to-shore package, it's $149. So they are charging $10 for transport to/from the pier and for parking our car at the hotel while we're cruising (which costs $10 per day at the port). The $119 rate is for the ship-to-shore package for a studio suite (no separate bedroom), which can be had for $99 without the package. Maybe it's the difference between summer and winter rates?



    Now I'm not so sure so I guess I should write back and confirm.. I didn't really ask for a 2 bedroom I just asked for a Suite. I was quoted $119.00 on all days except the Departure Sunday which is $149.00 (ship to shore). I'm not paying $149.00 on my return Sunday even though I'll have a post stay.


    Thanks for questioning. I don't need all that room but if it is much nicer I'd want it.

  3. Ken,


    You are such a great help on this thread and I'm not sure you are viewing or responding to any other.


    I book the Chase Suites hotel and I staying 3 post cruise days. Sun-Weds. They will shuttle me to the airport for free to rent a car , however I don't want to pay the Extra Airport Car Rental surcharge/taxes that most cities apply.


    Do you know which Enterprise car rental (5 listed but not all have Sunday hours) is nearest to the Chase? Would it be close enough for them to pick me up and drop me off as they advertise?





  4. Ken,


    Not sure of the exact name of this hotel, but I have it on hold. Looks like a nice area, says it's on the water, and a nice breakfast is included. Wanted to know what you thought of it - also has a free airport shuttle service. Wasn't too successful with pricing on all of the other suggested hotels on this board. Some even showed "no availability", and we're not going until 2/18/06!!! So I figured I'd book this one, and if something better comes along, I can change it. Priceline seems to complicated for me - have never used it . . .:)


    Carnival queen,


    I also got the "no availability" on the Chase Suites webiste for 02/25/06. I then used the email link and got a reply back from the manager in a few days. She was very helpful. I'm not sure if I could post her email address on this thread.


    I booked a 2 bedroom suite at 119.00 and 149.00 (Night prior) . the 149.00 is the ship and sail rate so essentially they are charging me 30 for the shuttle to the ship.



  5. Thanks for all your help Ken. I just booked my Pre and Post Cruise stays at the Chase Suites. I wasn't able to book this far out online (2/2006) so I sent an email to Customer Service on their website. The Manager replied and booked my stay for me. I got the Ship to Shore rate for just the days I need it and the regular rate for the others.


    The best part for me is the access to Clearwater Beach Florida (Phillies Spring Training) . It's a straight 10 minute trip across the bridge to the stadium.

  6. The Chase is $110 a night which seems great including the shuttle. My cruise is 2/26/06-3/02/06 and I'm planning a Sunday-Wed post stay.


    I'm a baseball fan and never been to spring training. How far is rocky point from Clearwater(Phillies) or the stadiums in Tampa(yankees) and Dundeen(blue jays)?


    Would you recommend something in Clearwater comparable to the chase?





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