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  1. We are booked in at 10.30 on Monday near Basingstoke. Do you need to download a different app or do the results come via email? We have our NHS app with everything showing. 7/7 cannot wait, only 4 days but first holiday in nearly two years!
  2. So does mine! I got an update from RCI regarding my Southampton sailing next week. They will only accept the app as proof of vaccination, any cards are NOT acceptable. The app works brilliantly and produces a QR code.
  3. We are on the 7/7 from Southampton in Sky class due to a ridiculous upgrade offer being accepted 😁😁. I received an email from the concierge today which stated the Suite,Lounge was available to us.
  4. We are on the 7/7 on Anthem in a Suite, we have no status with RCI. Will report back on our return.
  5. Yes from balcony, to large balcony one bed suite. Said my bid was very weak. Sailing 7/7 from UK
  6. I agree you have to show the PCR results on an approved app, I wouldn’t risk it either.
  7. We are on the 7/7 from Southampton got the email late Thursday and booked on Friday, just follow the link. We are booked in for Monday as nowhere near us had a Sunday one. All checked in and will do the health questionnaire the day before. Fingers crossed. As previous have said you can arrange your own test, RCI will give each adult £100 obc. If you don’t use it they will refund you this, so you won’t be out of pocket. They seemed to be sending the emails out in batches as they got the numbers down to 1k onboard. Secured a very cheap upgrade as well. So excited for a break, no cooking, clearing up, washing up etc etc.
  8. We are checked in for our 7/7 cruise from Southampton on Anthem. All vaccinated and PCR test booked!
  9. Balcony to one bed large balcony suite (I just bid for a one bed suite) £146 in total.
  10. Just had an email through to say our upgrade bid has been accepted now have one bed large balcony suite on the bump! Never thought they would accept my stupid low bid! Very happy.
  11. Yep we are off to Sherrfield on Loddon, Basingstoke are on the Monday for our tests!
  12. That’s exactly what my OH said, we are going to Hursley about a 2 hour round trip.
  13. Just got our emails through! Hurrah. I can only see 3 sites to go and have the test, lots more if you drop the test off. I can feel the relaxation coming on…… I know only 4 nights but really looking forward to it. 😁
  14. Thanks for this, sounds like we are getting somewhere! I think our plan is to drop the tests off Monday as luckily the Crowthorne drop is only a couple of miles away.
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