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  1. Sorry if this has been asked and answered. If we cancel our October cruise before final payment, do we still lose $175.00 per person on our deposit.? thank you. Robert
  2. I also cancelled a July cruise B2B on March 16. I have not received our deposits back.
  3. Have heard nothing from HAL on either cruise. Did file a claim with my credit card company on the May 15th Cruise as amount paid was within the 60 day window. chase reversed the charge.
  4. Canceled a May 15 cruise, on March 10. Still have not received any credit card refund. I’m entitled to a full cash refund less $600.00 also canceled a July 5th cruise, where I am entitled to a full deposit refund. Have not received this either
  5. I have same fears. What if they file for bankruptcy protection.?
  6. They were there in the 50’s. At some point they were all scrapped. Friends have a coffee table made from a hatch cover.
  7. My situation is I have to March 12th to cancel my May 15th cruise and only lose our $ 600.00 deposit Based on what I read above, the $ 600 will now become a future cruise credit that must be used by December 31, 2020 for a future cruise.
  8. Not sure I understand the part where the balance is being reimbursed by FCC. Can you explain.
  9. I’m on same cruise. My understanding if I cancel before 12th all I’ll lose is my deposit
  10. It will take only a few sick people to quarantine a ship. What if you go to Venice and then the ship can’t dock. Who is going to be responsible for any additional costs. Even if HAL refunds the ship fare, what about indecent air and hotels. look at what is going on off the coast of California.
  11. We are scheduled on the Zuiderdam May 15 round trip from Venice. Trying to decipher HAL’s cancellation policy. One site is saying if you cancel between 79 days and 60 days all you lose is your deposit. What I want to confirm, is if that is all you lose. Let’s say $600 per person and get back your final payment. Has anyone had experience with this. I do not have a Platinum plan.
  12. Love your posts and pictures. is the ship allowing any overnights in Tahiti this year?
  13. To clarify, is the allowed one bottle is for room consumption only and if you bring to dining room you pay corkage. For additional bottles do you pay $18 plus corkage? thanks
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