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  1. Not to intrude, but here today in Malaga on Oceania Sirena. Looking at the Pursuit which is docked nearby.
  2. On Sirena now, was told that there are breakfast smoothies.
  3. Didn't work on any of my dummy bookings. Glad you got your fare.
  4. I am in NYC area. My cruise is the 24th from Athens, I really don't want to spend more than 3 days in Athens, so my earliest outbound is the 20th. The flights either go through LHR or Madrid (On Iberia) Because the connecting flight is on the 21st I can't book till November 2nd Might run some test bookings to see what is available at a reduce price.
  5. Thanks for sharing. Are the fares good till October 1 or end of October. Looking for a fare to Athens that the dates won’t be available till next week.
  6. Thanks for trying. If no one can find one, I will post after we get on, on the 6th.
  7. Any update about breakfast smoothies on Sirena? are they on the room service menu?
  8. Never having done a transatlantic in November, or at any other time. I was wondering what weather is like on the open deck. Are you always wearing jackets or can it be warm enough for shorts and t shirts Thanks
  9. Thank you. If all goes well will meet you next year on Athens to Dubai.
  10. Doing an overnight on another line. Is it a safe walk in the evening?
  11. Shame, that it left in the dark. It is one of the nicest departures in daylight.
  12. Any idea why Pursuit has not left Venice as of 9:30 Saturday night instead of 6:00.
  13. Can anyone explain what is Ensemble Partner of the Month?
  14. Just heard back after my follow up email. I will not receive any OBC because I was booked under Ensemble Partner of the Month. Not sure what is, I am receiving pre-paid gratuities and refundable OBC. But, paying the listed price for the cruise. At least I am making a profit on the stock.
  15. Thank you Just sent them an email.
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