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  1. We just booked the Jewel of the Seas 16N Suez Canal Cruise from Rome to Dubai on Nov 26, 2020. Please join us c",)
  2. Nice looking photo...enjoy your cruise guys!!!
  3. Happy Cruising...small or big you will have a blast....you get to know more each other...more intimate...c”,)
  4. We’re hesitant also at first when we did Harmony of the Seas Transatlantic in 2016. But was surprised that we found more space and quiet time. Ship is big that you don’t feel the crowd except after shows which is also the case in all ship after shows. Shows are happening at same time different locations, so guests are also divided. Now we love the big ships for space, modern, more activities, and during that TA there was a big group of LGBT that during the red party disco we dominated the entire dance floor just standing and talking and getting to know each other.
  5. Yes see you onboard... cj and mike from sydney australia... you will find us easily for sure,... c”,)
  6. On our last cruise we attended the first night and then the schedules the following nights are not in favour with us. But we managed to keep in touch with some couples and we hang around for lunch, games, tours and watching the shows. At least we are still contact to date to one the couple we met.
  7. Yes we will keep this thread alive...somewhere somehow to get in touch...just keep posting upcoming cruises and somehow someone might be on the same cruise...so far I know already someone doing the same cruise with us this coming Nov 2 with Symphony of the Seas. We made good friends also on previous lgbt gatherings onboard and to date still in touch, visited them and even stayed with them couple of nights.
  8. We are booked fo the Nov 2 birthday cruise... so far we are still going... c”,)
  9. Sorry to hear about your princess cruise experience...were you able to meet some member of the community at least to have a better experience onboard?
  10. Happy cruising! Hope you are enjoying or will enjoy Sydney weather...pretty sure you will have a ball onboard... cj and mike from Sydney Australia...
  11. Happy Cruising...keep us posted!
  12. As others mentioned above nothing conclusive and based on our exeperience some are hit and miss for LGBT gathering. When we did Celebrity in Japan it was great LGBT gatherings we met every night before dinner at the Martini Bar and other set time for other activities. Some of them became our friends for Life that we stay connected and visited each other places/countries. For Royal, we never had a problem s we found some LGBT gatherings just check the compass or the notice board. The only cruise we never found one was Asian cruise out of Singapore. We met gay friendly people and still a great cruise. For Princess Cruises, on the Patter they have an LGBT gatherings. On the first meeting a Cruise Director Staff normally host it, and then depending on the group if we want to continue meeting each other or make a separate time or plans. Happy Cruising....see you across the globe and keep us posted.
  13. Happy Holidays to Everyone!!! Hugs from Sydney Australia - Cj and Mike
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