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  1. Thanks for all the good wishes. Yes he is a big boy, but both parents are over 6ft. tall. His big sister is also tall for her age. Can't wait to see him in person. They live 600 miles away. Pictures are wonderful. Be safe all. Pat
  2. Things are opening here in Ohio. But the neatest thing is the arrival of great grand number 4. Austin Melo arrived at 5:32 this morning. We joke he is almost full grown at 22.5 inches long and weighing 9bs 13oz. Good thing the blanket I'm knitting is quite large. Lets enjoy the openings and return to work for many people. Be well, Pat
  3. Each market is unique. Amsterdam really doesn't have any markets that we found. Plan to take a canal ride in the evening. There are lighted displays all along the route. Best advice about shopping the markets. Use cash and if you see something buy it. Just might not find it anyplace else. One of my favorites are the prune people in Nuremberg. Have one from our first of four market cruises. They are only found at that market. Mainz had the most remarkable mushroom stroganoff and of course the sausages and gingerbread cookies. Vienna and Budapest have multiple market
  4. Happy Easter to all who celebrate! Happy Passover! Happy spring! It is a beautiful day here in southwest Ohio, daffodils survived the cold nights, seeing them all over the front of the house and transplants in new places makes me smile. DH was cleaning up some large pots by the front door and out popped some bunnies. He tried to return them, wearing gloves--didn't work. They are so cute. Am so looking forward to traveling again, hopefully in the fall. Stay safe and well. Pat
  5. Good morning, A bit of normal yesterday was greatgrandson Sam's 8th birthday. We got to celebrate in person!!!!!! Some mask wearing, but who cares. A lovely afternoon. Hadn't seen them since July. Now it is time to give back. Need to sign up to help in the vaccine clinics. Retired nurse, need to give these hardworking people a short respite. Take care, stay safe and well. Enjoy the coming Spring with the change to DST tonight. Par
  6. Have looked at FAQs, cannot figure out if we can use our OBC for gratuities. Help please. Thanks, Pat
  7. CA, Happy 50th. Hope you are enjoying all the timed deliveries. We will celebrate 55 years in November. We are 2 weeks past our second vaccine shot. On Friday we get to see 2 of our greatgrans to celebrate a birthday we have not seen them in person since last June. Really miss being with family. We are blessed to have them all but one living close. Can't wait to start cruising again. our rescheduled barge trip in France was cancelled, so no France in May. Once again Road Scholar promptly refunded all our monies. Hoping our ocean trip from Athens to Barcelona takes
  8. Yesterday was our turn. DH and I got our first dose. Our county health dept. here in Ohio was soooo organized. From leaving home to returning was about an hour. They used a vocational school that has recently been replaced. Plenty of parking and good storage for the Pfizer vaccine. No side effects except for sore arm. Received my shot from a retired oral surgeon. Hopefully after the end of February we should be able to see our great grands who live about 5 miles from here. Haven't seen them since last June. Better days coming. Stay safe and well. Pat
  9. Wholeheartedly agree with the above poster!!!!!! We were on a Christmas Market cruise with another couple. Their was a very large (40) from a very large state. They tried to dominate everything that went on in the lounge to the point of loud talking over the entertainment. Many of the rest of us would just leave. We SHOULD treat others as we would like to be treated--a smile and a hello are so nice. When we travel with friends we say see you for dinner definitely and if we cross paths during the day so be it. We have been friends for more than fifty years, so it must be working.
  10. Happy new year to all! Have been lurking and enjoying reading the threads for quite a while. Found out that we in Ohio can start to get our vaccine on 25 Jan. DH and I will definitely get it. It seems like each day another that we know has become covid positive. It is another grey Ohio winter day. One would think that after living here for 30 plus years I would be used to it. Not. We have had our May barge trip in southern France cancelled. DH has a very bad case of cabin fever. Will have to find some fix it jobs for next week. Right now it is just church and the grocery stor
  11. We had only put down a deposit. It has been refunded. Have thoroughly enjoyed all our trips with them and were looking forward to barging in France. As we often say these days. This too shall pass, hopefully not as painful as a kidney stone. Pat
  12. Just received information yesterday that Road Scholar is cancelling our May barge trip in Southern France. We had rebooked after it was cancelled this year, We are going to see what Croisi Europe is offering. Road Scholar was chartering the barge from Croisi. Or maybe we will try the Mississippi here at home. At least we have time to make plans. Still taking things one day at a time. Right now it is time for more Christmas baking. Be safe and stay well. Pat
  13. Just returned from a long grocery shopping, mainly because of the weather prediction for the next two days. Last stop was my local (Dayton OH are) Aldi. They had Racine almond kringle, there are now two waiting to go in my freezer after I have some for breakfast tomorrow. They also had half of a roasted duck. Fresh Thyme if any of you are lucky enough to have one close by had frozen duck breasts as well as the half of a duck. It was a bountiful shopping, mostly for groceries, along with the elusive toilet paper. Found some, ready for what Mother Nature sends our way. This is a thread
  14. Can tell right now that this will be a lesson in humility. The background looks familiar, but my mind won't say this is where you saw that. This is just what we need right now. Thank you Notamermaid.
  15. As you know from another thread we are considering a land trip in Berlin and Dresden for the Christmas markets if they happen. DH is doing all his wonderful research. We need two things to make it a reality--Christmas markets and available flights. stay well and safe, Pat
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