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  1. Hi Doreen -Taking a cruise in 2 weeks and I use a walker and scooter. I am in cabin 412. How was the bathroom and getting around the room with a walker? Rails etc? Thanks so much!
  2. Hi- how is the cruise going? Any advice on which paid excursions are worthwhile, any not running (i.e. jetboats in hells canyon)? Any food onboard advice? We will be no your same cruise in weeks! Looking forward to it- except the checkin process sounds awful- hopefully just a glitch since they've been closed for so long.
  3. We are looking to book for early September for the Grand New England tour, so Ron- your post will be wonderful to read shortly! Anyone have any advice on the following: video tours of the ship, bacony vs is it really beneficial?, will the foliage start turning in sept? anyones guess, how did ada accomodations seem as far as dining common areas for a walker (sadly I use one at age 46), any and all suggestions welcomed! We are happy to return the favor on advice as we live in St. Augustine, Florida :)
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