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  1. Agree with Philob. I believe they prefer to receive NTD. Exchanging currencies is not as easy as 1,2,3 in Taiwan for locals. If they get certain US dollars (with certain letters or numbers on the bill) they cannot do the exchange. At least that's what I have been told by relatives there.
  2. Thank you for posting the great report and the wonderful photos. Brought back a lot of memories visiting those ports.
  3. Sorry! Forgot to mention that Hilton Tokyo Shinjuku is the last stop on the Aiport Limousine bus route. Stop right at the entrance of the hotel and the staff will come out to help with luggage. Very convenient. Intercontinental Tokyo Bay also have stops on the Aiport Limousine buses from Narita and Haneda, I believe. We did not use the limousine bus when we stayed there though.
  4. Great! We have stayed at the Hilton Tokyo Shinjuku a couple of times. It's centrally located, walking distance to the Tokyo Metro Government Building for the free viewing deck on top. They also have free shuttles between the hotel and Shinjuku station. We also liked to stay at the Minato-ku area, not as busy but can get to all sights using trains, subways, etc. with stations nearby. Intercontinental and Bayside Hotel were the ones we have stayed in that area. I am sure others will have great suggestions also. Enjoy!
  5. Hi, Miriam, I am not sure where the Grand Central is in Yokohama. Can't find it on Google map either. Just make sure that if Grand Central is closer to YCAT Yokohama or Hotel New Grand so you can get as close to your hotel as possible. They do have different routes to Yokohama, with most frequent buses going to YCAT. We had to wait at Narita Airport for a little over an hour to catch the bus to Hotel New Grand, which was the stop we wanted. The bus we took made 2 stops at the two terminals at Haneda after leaving Narita and then the third stop was Hotel New Grand. Have a wonderful trip!
  6. If you are getting off at Hotel New Grand in Yokohama using the airport limo bus, make sure you tell them that you want the bus that goes to Hotel New Grand. Otherwise, they may sell you tickets of buses that get to YCAT as their final destination. The staff at the counter were not aware of the buses that go to Hotel New Grand, which are not as frequent as the YCAT buses. Hotel New Grand is at a great location, right across from Yamashita Park and couple of blocks from Chinatown.
  7. We also did the HCMC tour from Phu My with Pham Tours. It was very well planned and we had a great day there. On another cruise we did My Son and Hoi An on one day. Personally I enjoyed our visit there at My Son and liked that better than the Cham Towers at Nha Trang.
  8. I am Asian (Chinese) and I am a little worried about our upcoming cruise on the Voyager in July. We are expecting mostly local passengers and are preparing ourselves for a very different experience from our previous 33 cruises. Will try to enjoy the cruise no matter what.
  9. Thank you Host Clarea for the quick reply!
  10. Thanks for all the information regarding PV cabins. Will be cruising on the Voyager in July in a PV cabin on deck 7. Does that mean all the big parties will be at the Promenade? Getting excited about this first-time experience.
  11. Where can I find the door sign if I don't want to go through the 15 pages and years of this thread?
  12. I can only comment on a couple of these ports. Osaka is easy to DIY with the subway station (Chou line) less than 10-minutes walk from port. The Chou line takes you right to Osaka Castle and you can switch trains to other parts of the city accordingly. Not sure if you would need info there though since you will be in Osaka already. Nagasaki is also easy to do on your own, with the tram station right outside the cruise port. We took the free shuttles to downtown Busan in 2015, not sure if its still available though. Have read contradicting reports.
  13. I do agree that Japan ports are easy to navigate. We mostly did our own things taking public transportation. They have volunteers and staff at ports with maps available making it an easy day visit at each port. Just google and research and know what you want to do before your cruise.
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