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  1. This was what I could find regarding bus #513 in Tianjian: https://moovitapp.com/index/en/public_transit-line-513路-Tianjin_天津-4896-1035125-634874-1
  2. Soccerref, thank you so much for the bus information, we will need that for May 2020! We have been in Tianjin before but not on a cruise. Plan on spending the day in the city instead of going to Beijing. Thanks again!
  3. We took the 16:00 bus from Narita to Hotel New Grand. They did have two quick stops at Haneda Airport terminals before reaching Hotel New Grand. There is no stop at Monterey, but Monterey is just a block away from Hotel New Grand.
  4. If staying at the Hotel New Grand or Monterey, another easier transportation from Narita is to take the Airport Limousine Bus. There is a route that ends right in front of Hotel New Grand, so you won't have to take a taxi ride from YCAT or the train station in Yokohama. You have to specifically ask for the bus that ends at Hotel New Grand when purchasing the tickets otherwise they will sell you tickets to YCAT. We stayed at the Rose Hotel near Chinatown last December which is a couple of blocks away. From Rose Hotel it was a $7 taxi ride to Osanbashi. You just hand over your luggage at the bus stop and they will take care of them until you arrive at your stop.
  5. If you are planning to take the Airport Express (train) from airport to hotel, you may purchase your tickets at the booth right outside the custom area after you collected your luggage. You may also get your Octopus Cards there at the same time. Be sure to ask for the senior concession card if over 65 years old with huge discounts on most transportation. For the airport bus to town, you need to follow the signage and go outside the terminal building. The booth selling tickets for airport buses should be on your left hand side. You need to have exact change if pay on bus, I believe.
  6. ROCruiser

    Singapore Port

    We were able to get a van at the airport taxi line for the 5 of us and then again at the taxi line at Marina Bay Hotel to port. Tell them the number of people you have in your group and they will get the van for you.
  7. Yes, we felt that we saw a lot on the two days, even though mostly pagodas and temples. We had a good group of cc members and a good guide, so it went well. I was not the one who organized this tour so not sure how the communication went for the organizer before it actually happened.
  8. This is the link to my blog about our trip to Yangoon. Have a wonderful trip!
  9. Thanks for sharing the videos. Will be on Voyager in a couple of weeks.
  10. We will be on the July 12 sailing on the Voyager. Hopefully, the protests will stay in the Central/Causeway Bay areas on HK island if they continues and basically on Sundays. I am sure it's going to affect transports on the MTR but probably not too much near the port.
  11. Our bus from Narita to Hotel New Grand made only two stops on the way to Yokohama, at the two terminals in Haneda, so they should sell bus tickets to Hotel New Grand from Haneda also. Ask the staff at the Airport Limousine Bus counter and specifically for tickets to Hotel New Grand and not YCAT. Bus will drop off at the front door of HNG, then you just need to walk a block to Hotel Monterey.
  12. We stayed at the Rose Hotel in Chinatown the last time we were in Yokohama. It's an older hotel but the room was bigger than the regular hotels in Japan. A convenient Airport limousine bus ride from Narita that ends at Hotel New Grand, we just walked the couple of blocks to the hotel. In the morning we took a taxi to the pier which cost $7. Need to tell the staff that you need the bus that goes to Hotel New Grand and not YCAT.
  13. If you have more than a couple of days, yes, Tokyo, for visiting various sights close by. But if you have only one or two nights, I would stay in Yokohama to avoid having to transport luggage twice. As Tara Jane stated, there are Limousine buses that go directly from the airport to Yokohama. There is a bus route instead of going to YCAT, it ends at Hotel New Grand but you have to ask specifically for that route otherwise they will sell you the YCAT buses. It's very convenient if staying near the pier (Hotel New Grand, Hotel Monterey, Star Hotel,, etc. )or near Chinatown area.
  14. When we were there in 2015, the bus that took us from Yichang to Wuhan (where we caught the flight back to Shanghai) was a four-hour ride. Not sure which river boat you are taking but ours was the Gold 8. We left the boat with a packed breakfast at 6:00 in the morning. If you are touring the Three Gorges Dam that morning, I doubt that you would be able to catch a flight late morning. Again, that was four years ago, so things might have changed.
  15. Another vote for Totem Bight. Not as crowded and much nicer.
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