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  1. Do you think any of us will be cruising anywhere this year? We are clearly all cruise fanatics but health is more important than anything. I noticed that you could not book on the Costa website a day or so ago. They are, however, keeping things to themselves for the moment. I cannot see any of the ports in the Med opening up in the foreseeable future.
  2. Costa have finally updated their website and say all cruises have been voluntarily suspended until 30th April. They are saying clients booked on these cancelled April cruises will get FCC. The first cruise they say will start again on the Fascinosa on 2nd May. I very much doubt this.
  3. Think you may have been very lucky in the scheme of things especially being able to disembark in Marseille. It is a rapidly changing scenario. Glad it all worked out well for you.
  4. France seems to have not even been willing to disembark their own nationals so why should anyone else? Every country’s health systems are under enormous strain treating their own citizens, they will not want to admit possible future patients if they can avoid doing so. Cruising must surely stop completely for the foreseeable future.
  5. Marcus, glad to hear you got back home safely. Beginning to think you had a very lucky escape in that your cruise was cancelled, picking up some very disturbing accounts of the recent transatlantics on Costa Luminos and Costa Pacifica (there are separate threads on these) via web searches. Sorry, I can’t post links but someone else will no doubt be able to. As you say, many people plan cruises well in advance and have intricate holiday plans around the cruise itself. No one envisaged the rapid escalation of this horrendous situation and I have a great deal of sympathy for all caught up in it. Personally, as a Costa cruiser of many years and a real lover of cruises and of the Italians and of Italy, my heart is truly breaking right now. However, I must say (and agree with others who have said this) Costa management have been and continue to be appalling in their handing of it. Yes, the situation is unprecedented and it has no doubt been an absolute nightmare scenario to manage but by not cancelling cruises immediately when it has been blindingly obvious the outbreak is not being brought under control but is worsening in Italy, as it is elsewhere, they are treating their customers disgracefully. They need to act immediately.
  6. Correction: sorry, I think the Luminosa arrives in Malaga tomorrow and Marseille on 20th.
  7. Yes, of course the ports are in lockdown for a month at the moment, aren’t they ? I thought the arrival of the Mediterranean in Venice after a 28 day cruise was beyond the lockdown period but I am clearly wrong about that. However, the extremely late cancelling of the cruise after everyone had just boarded sounds like a case of panic but however horrible for all the passengers, and I have an enormous sympathy for SWEMarcus and all on board, it is probably better to be safe than sorry especially if there could be other factors involved. The Costa Luminosa transatlantic cruise ending in Marseille tomorrow has had infections onboard and very sadly one death, I believe. SWEMarcus wish you a safe journey home.
  8. Yes, we must remain hopeful. It would be so nice to have a cruise to look forward to given the next weeks and months are going to be dire.
  9. How awful, really sorry to hear this. What was the reason your cruise was cancelled and why on earth was the decision to cancel taken so late by Costa? Apart from the disappointment and inconvenience, obviously what you are being offered does not feel very compensating to you.
  10. Well I suppose if you book a future cruise, you will still have the option of cancelling 45 days before the new date and lose £50 per person. 30% is a big discount, However, at this stage nobody can predict what is going to happen so it is still a gamble.
  11. I emailed a question a couple of days ago and no reply yet. Things are extremely difficult there clearly.
  12. Thanks very much ,Tenpin. I also feel very sad indeed about all this and for the Costa employees trying to deal with our phone calls etc. many of whom we have been chatting to for several years. I wondered why I had received a reply to an email (I had sent a day or two earlier) late on Saturday which I now realise came from the home of the Costa employee. Never known them to be working on a Saturday so that just shows how difficult things are. Having put off cancelling I am now reluctantly going to have to do so. I didn’t think companies were allowed to keep your credit card details so as I have always paid this way, I thought I would have to persevere and try to speak to someone. I will send an email, too, confirming my cancellation. We are in Spain right now caught up in the lockdown here and it is disturbing as the Spanish do not seem to be taking it onboard as there still seem to be a lot of people out and about. The latest Coronavirus figures here are alarming. Just seen the latest French measures clarified and I have to say I think the French government are dealing with this much better than some.
  13. By the way, what did you decide to do? I think I’d be inclined to take the refund personally.
  14. That’s seems a very reasonable offer but how much notice did you get please? Did you have to phone for that info or did they put the offer to you in an email perhaps? Phone lines are very very busy understandably.
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