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  1. Perhaps you should look up the term projection as it pertains to psychology. If you are reading "so much fear" when I am only explaining different points of view, it is only coming from you.
  2. I never said you shouldn't get the vaccine. In fact, I said the opposite. If people want to get the vaccine, that is their choice. I don't know why you feel the need to try to bully people. No one is going to stop you from going to get the vaccine when it is developed. In fact, if you can get in with a clinical trial and get it sooner, no one will stop you then either.
  3. It doesn't make you arrogant. Someone just feels the need to be a keyboard warrior.
  4. Alright. Why don't you come and join me in 12 minutes when I suit up to go take care of my covid patients? Let's see who the scared one is.
  5. I highly doubt I am the one who is scared, but if that is your go-to to make yourself sleep at night, go for it.
  6. What part of 30,000 adverse effects a year is not a fact? You are assuming I am afraid, but I am not. You are assuming that because I can see another person's point of view that I am applying it to my life, but I am not. I had all of my vaccines as a child and then I had them again when I became a travel nurse. My titers were low, and I needed to be revaccinated - not that it is really any of your business. No, they are not 100% perfect, and that was the point I was making. Some people will wait to get a covid 19 vaccine until they can be showed how perfect it is. Some people ar
  7. So you have several PhD family members in research. Did you get all of their information from osmosis, because I doubt you would be able to get a PhD with your deficient reading comprehension skills. I can say that bleach overdose will kill somebody, and carbon monoxide poisoning will kill somebody. They are not the same thing. They don't work the same way. The person will be dead either way.
  8. You don't have to go back 70 years to find bad reactions to vaccines. The CDC has Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting. There are approximately 30,000 adverse events each year attributed to vaccines. These are vaccines that are used all the time for many, many years. Some are mild. Some are severe. It isn't really that crazy for people to want to wait and see if a new vaccine has any adverse effects. Yes, they can show promising results for a vaccine approved on a long term basis. They cannot show results on a long term basis for a vaccine that has not been around long term. People talk ab
  9. No they are not. They are given as examples of things that medical professionals have thought were ok, and they weren't. They weren't not given as examples as the same type of therapy. Do you have problems with reading comprehension?
  10. Someone already gave an example of a vaccine that went bad. The dangers of thalidomide are more well known than the dangers of vaccines. If you cannot see that these are examples that medicine doesn't always know what it is doing and that fact gives people pause to just blindly follow it, then I don't know what to tell you. There are plenty of examples out there. Do a little research. If you still choose to get the vaccine, that is your choice. If people choose to wait and see if any significant events happen from a possible vaccine, that is their choice too. I can see both points of vi
  11. Yet nobody ran around yelling and screaming about how everyone had to be masked for the flu for all of these years, especially not before we had tamiflu or a flu vaccine. Death isn't the only problem that the medical field has brought upon people. I'm sure most of you are old enough to know what happened with thalidomide. Things like that are why some people are very suspicious about new medical breakthroughs and choose to wait until there is further evidence. There are many things like that which have happened.
  12. Don't let it upset you. Polls can be manipulated to say whatever the people making the poll want it to say based on how they ask the questions.
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