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  1. We had to get our own transportation but was done with plenty of time to get back to the ship in time.
  2. Anyone interested in doing the Salsa & Salsa Excursion it’s so much fun and worth the money. Bottomless margaritas and all the salsa you make and eat are great you make 5-6 different salads one being a dessert one. They serve Homemade tortilla chips, rolled tacos, quesadillas and ice cream to eat you salsas with. We made a meal out of all the salsa lol. You also get to learn how to make regular and strawberry margaritas and have as many as you want even virgin ones for kids or those who don’t drink. Afterwards you get to learn some salsa moves if your not too drunk like a bunch of us were 😂
  3. Just wanted to do a quick review of the Salsa & Salsa Excursion. This excursion was booked directly through email. They were very fast at responding and very helpful. This was one of the best excursion lots of fun. Bottomless margaritas and you make 5-6 different salads with chips, quesadillas, rolled tacos and ice cream for tasting your Salsas. 5 Star rating would definitely book again.
  4. We went to technotel and had a nice time for $39 bucks it wasn’t bad we booked they autogrogresso and the tour included a tour of the Mayan ruins for free it takes an hour from your beach time. Drinks were good and food was decent small buffet but enough to fill us up. The water was very nice and shallow we were able to walk very far out
  5. I like the location but it could get a little loud it’s right below the lounge we’re they did most of the shows
  6. Looking forward to your review. The new font is very hard to read
  7. If anyone is Interested in watching my Carnival Trumiph Vlogs here’s the link we were on the last 5 day cruise Feb 16-Feb 21 Great ship but gonna be even better after dry dock. I’m a new vlogger but trying my best I hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/UFciMiMYpsM
  8. if anyone is interested here’s my Vlogs from Mariner Of the Seas Cruise Aug 27-31 sailing Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 My first time Vlogging
  9. looking into Technotel when in Progreso price is very reasonable for all inclusive anyone been how was it?
  10. It was actually no wait that day the 2nd time we did it was no more than 15 mins
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