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  1. Regent doesn't appear to utilise on-board caching proxy servers with any respectable size of cache. Utilising such would bring dramatic improvements to average speed and latency experienced and no increased running costs.
  2. Clay Clayton The clue is that there is no entry by Concierge, nor is there by Butler. That means you don't have those services.
  3. Understood. I use a VPN with SIP based VOIP without problems, it can be configured to allow high latency.
  4. Jmariner Your point: "I assume that it is already fairly secure. Never heard of any date breaches while on a ship network." missed the point. VPN may be required due to packet inspection/rejection - nothing to do with security or data breaches. The increase in latency, <15%, is not significant, although I concede it will exacerbate packet loss in the event of significant data corruption.
  5. Jmariner The VPN in this case is nothing to do with security. It is down to Regent or their providers inspecting the data packets and rejecting some types. For example we know they block video streaming packets unless you pay for the "enhanced" internet service. The VPN encrypts the packets, they then can not tell what type of packet it is.
  6. You may find Regent blocks the SIP and RTP packets unless you buy their enhanced Wifi service. This would kill the Wifi calling service. A VPN would overcome this, you may want to set one up before you leave home.
  7. You could try the launderettes. There are a few channels available in the launderettes thst are not available in the suites. May seem wierd but it is true.
  8. Have a read of post 125 here: An attempt yo quantify what a "good service" would be and what the costs, to Regent, would be. The "error" has been giving internet access away to allcomers.
  9. It's an Illy machine by Francis francis. You can only get a cup into it for a double shot, the capsules are all for (espresso, normal or decaf).
  10. Both orange and grapefruit juices used to be freshly squeezed until around 5 years ago, and they were chilled too. Now the standard is from a packet. Freshly squeezed is warm and for the grapefruit full of pith and not nice. Progress it is said.
  11. A major reason, for me, to book onboard are the T&Cs. I get US T&Cs on board but booking at home I get UK ones with their savage cancellation terms. Onboard discount when avaiable is circa 3% so not a major saving.
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