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  1. Hi folks. We’re booked on Britannia for 26 Sept 2020 from Southampton and now realise Iona is departing on the same day for her 14 day Canaries trip. So slight concerns over how the port will handle all those thousands of passengers simultaneously! Would they use both Ocean and Mayflower or stagger arrivals for both ships somehow? We use a hotel cruise package so don’t need to worry about port parking but I imagine it’ll be rather busy for those parking at the port. Any thoughts please as we might consider changing cruises if it’s going to be a bit of a nightmare embarking. I’m hoping P&O have a plan...
  2. We usually do a cruise hotel parking package with taxi to the port, but next year want to try cruise port parking. Just wondering which of the advertised companies for Southampton you find the most reliable - and flexible on disembark times and if a change of terminal please? How far is it on foot from the drop off car park into the terminal? And last question (honest!), is there a decent company that simply takes your car from you at the port and has it there waiting for you outside on return? Thanks very much for sharing your experiences - good and bad welcome....😊
  3. I despair of their website nowadays and used TA in end as just couldn’t move round the site easily to find out all the specific details we wanted - knew the cruise and ship but such a clunky site now. One minute you’re scrolling down, then you’ve got to scroll across for something. Descriptions and images of cabin types unhelpful when looking at the comparisons. As for CP, hit and miss if you can get in...
  4. I have the same problem cruising and put it down to the change in lifestyle too, spending more time with feet down - sitting at mealtimes, lounge, bar, theatre, coach trips, waiting times, standing queuing and so on. Much more stationery feet-down time than I’d normally do at work and home. So I just try and walk a lot, get my feet up as much as possible during the day, raised end of bed at night and hide my puffy ankles under trousers. Once home, feet are back to normal in a few days. Hubby totally unaffected by the problem, so it’d be interesting to know if more women are affected than men - whether it’s a physiological thing?
  5. Thank you for all the advice and explanations. I hope this is read then by the many people who, in innocence, book a balcony cabin to get some fresh air day and night. We’re not all seasoned cruisers like most of the respondents are judging by your tone, so the comments are useful and the warnings make sense. Thank you for that. The reason I’d asked for some clarification is that I don’t sleep well, whereas hubby does so to be able to sit outside for a few hours would be lovely - not wanting to wake hubby or neighbours by opening and sliding the door. Having it ajar would help but evidently that’s a no-no now. I’m assuming during the day you can have the door open as much as you like, even on sea days?
  6. Hello all. Do you know if it is actually ok to have your balcony door ajar or open at night? It’s obviously something that’s done by others too, from other threads, and a reason for booking a balcony. But I’ve heard mixed views after asking our steward before - and was told balcony doors shouldn’t be left open at night as it creates a whistling noise in the corridor and with your adjoining cabins. I must admit, I have heard a noise when passing one or two cabins late evening - does it maybe happen if your aircon is still on fairly high. Not sure... So just wondering if there’s a ship rule about being kept closed at night? Any experiences you can share would be welcome - I’d love to have ours partly open in Sept at night for some fresh air.
  7. Many thanks for all your suggestions and comments. We’ve booked the Ageas Hilton after lots of googling - never realised there’s so much choice for out-of-Southampton hotels doing cruise packages. Terrific forum - thanks everyone.
  8. We did a Strictly cruise a few years ago, just because it was the destinations we wanted. I love Strictly, hubby couldn’t give a monkeys and wasn’t in the least interested. But he really enjoyed the dancers’ interviews which were hilarious and the actual dance shows. Funny world, eh? The majority of the cruise entertainment is as normal, so Strictly isn’t pushed down your throat at all - plenty of other entertainment happens.
  9. Hello all. Can I ask for your experiences please for hotels doing cruise stay/parking packages on the periphery of Southampton? Our September cruise coincides with the Boat Show so our usual central hotels aren’t offering the cruise packages due to no spare parking. So any suggestions for the hotels further out would be welcome please - the Hiltons, Solent, Premier Inns, country manors etc. Also how you found the taxi transfers, given the extra distance. Many thanks for any thoughts you can share...
  10. We saw Dean in the Limelight last year - very watchable and a good singer plus generally a nice entertainer. I’d say, go for it! If you book early on your CP, you’re allocated a better table.
  11. It really annoys me too when people are chatting/don’t listen while the staff are trying to do the demo, then help people to put on their life jackets after. The microphone isn’t always the loudest in a crowded area either. Likewise on some excursions, there’s always the few on the coach who carry on talking while the guide is in full flow. Grrrr!
  12. We’ve always carried our life jacket to our muster venue, done the try on then carried them back to the cabin. Personally, I think everyone should do it each time, regardless of how many times you’ve done it before. You can always help new cruisers or people struggling with fastenings etc - and no Insanemagnet, it’s not obvious to a lot of people how to put the jacket on the right way round, how to adjust straps etc. The new style on Britannia is a case in point.
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