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  1. Hey y'all. So I was led to believe that RCCL would likely finish transferring folks booked on Allure Western Med to the Wonder by today. My reservation still says cancelled. I'm not sure if I should be worried yet or just chill and trust that all is well? Anyone else in the same boat -- literally and metaphorically. 😜 If you got transferred, did your booking start off by saying cancelled? I'd appreciate any reassurance to chill or reassurance that I am right to freak out. lol. Thanks!
  2. Fair, but here's the thing: these things ARE built into the cost of other cruise lines, specifically Royal Caribbean. There's no charge for things like the FlowRider, the RipCord, the carousel, the slides, etc. AFAIK (and I am a noob to RCCL...I have my first cruise with them scheduled in May, so please correct me if I'm wrong), there aren''t any shows that have an upcharge either. Now, you might say, "Well, they're way more expensive, and in some cases you're right, but doing an apples to apples comparison, so oceanview balcony cabin in RC to NCL''s Sailaway balcony cabin (no perks), is very comparable if not cheaper. Sure, if you're comparing the liquor pkg to the free at sea, no question NCL wins, but if you don't drink that much in general (which I don't..the NCL's free at sea pkg is barely worth it for me), you can come out about even paying a la carte. So if you want to do all the things that are advertised so heavily on the ship, I feel like you'd be paying way more on the Encore than on Allure of the Seas, hence a nickel and dime perception. Also contributing to the nickel and dime perception is when you start charging for things that used to be free or taking away things that were free in favor of things that are an upcharge.
  3. I agree. It's why I am resistant to ever try the Encore. It seems like a nickel and dime experience but without Spice H2O, which was my absolute favorite place on the ship. I am growing less excited about my Prima cruise rather than more excited.
  4. Ha! And I'd further wager that there's gonna be some kind of gaming package...! Isn't there already one on the Bliss/Encore?
  5. Perhaps a dumb question, but where on NCL's site can I see the deck plans? I'm in room 13178...I just wanted to see where I am in relation to the slides to see if I need my TA to perhaps move me... Thanks!
  6. Yes! Capri and Sorrento are absolutely stunning and not to be missed!
  7. Try the "alien brain hemorrhage", a funky looking shot that has --IIRC-- Baileys, peach schnapps, and Blue curucau in it, amongst other things... It looks awesome, but the flavors together? Not really sure how that would work, but would love an opinion! Here's a link to prove I'm not making this up! https://opendrinks.io/recipe/alien-brain-hemorrhage Also, a spicy mojito or margarita on the rocks!
  8. Bummer, but not the end of the world. That said, I do wonder how long that will last...
  9. Hi all! Just wondering about your thoughts on this: I am booked on a Western Med cruise in May on Allure, but I am second-guessing. Is this ship too big to reasonably enjoy on a Western Med cruise? And by that I mean, is it so big that getting from point a to point b is a huge slog? And will there be enough time to enjoy the ship with only 1 sea day? I guess I'm asking....if you've done a Mediterranean cruise on an Oasis class ship, how was it? Would you recommend it or should I look at a smaller ship? Thanks!
  10. Yep. I was going to do a land-based Italy trip for my grandmother's 80th Birthday -- she's obsessed with Italy -- but that was in March 2020. Clearly, that didn't happen, and it couldn't happen this year either, but fingers-crossed that we can go for her 82nd Birthday!
  11. Is the rule about using a ship excursion for vaccinated and unvaccinated passengers? Or just for the unvaccinated? This is alarming as I'll be going in May 2022. Hopefully things will be settled by then. But it's clearly important to budget for Plan B, vaccinated or not...
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