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  1. Hi all! I have found my new favorite drink. Does anyone know how to make the Mr. Worldwide? (BTW, it's not available at the pool bars, but is available at nearly all the bars inside....Also protip, at least least on Getaway, the further away from the pool deck you go, the better the drinks tend to be.) Thank you!!
  2. I don't know if it's so much a tradition as a necessity, but regardless, I so look forward to boarding the gang plank. It's that moment between FINALLY and So It BEGINS!
  3. Udemy and NCL have the same strategy. "Flash sales", "Weekend Promos", etc. But Udemy always has their courses for $12 or less, and NCL always has their 5 choices. I will continue to choose the UBP and 3rd Person free. :) Now...when they finally do take that away, you just wait to hear the uproar!
  4. Hi all. We will be going to Harvest Caye on the Getaway the week of Oct. 7th. I was just wondering how to jellyfish situation is in the beach part of HC. I had heard jellyfish were an issue and I was just wondering if it still is. Thanks!
  5. Awesome review!! Thank you so much for posting! BTW, do you think the "Mr. Worldwide" drink would be available at a different (non-Haven) bar if it was asked for? Sounds so tasty!
  6. So awesome!! Did you happen to notice the outdoor seating by Moderno? Are they any tables that accommodate 3 outside?
  7. Hey thanks so much for this!! So helpful! But do you happen to have the inside photo of Day 2? That's the first Day at Sea...trying to figure out how to organize my life on the two Sea Days! Also, do you happen to have any MDR menus? Even if you don't, THANK YOU again!
  8. Niiiice! Loving this so far! BTW, if you find that teaching just simply can't sustain your family, look into learning how to code. I was in your position -- a lot of people were -- but for lots of reasons switched careers to web development and were paid SO much better. Hit me up if you want more info .
  9. YES! I'll be on her in 3 weeks! OMG but I'm excited! Thank you for sharing!! Can't wait to read more! And I'm so glad you had a good time, too!
  10. Thanks!! I forgot about the seeing the availability in the atrium! And thank you again so much for sharing your awesome review! I've been trying to plan based on the Dailies you posted, but as you said the menus would be changing, I didn't read them too closely except to pretend that I'm making my meal decisions right then (as I eat leftover pizza...)! Can not wait to go!
  11. Hi! Thanks for the info! Yeah, the original Illusionarium show would've been pretty awesome, but I'm pumped to see "Cirque Dreams and Steam", the current show playing in the Illusionarium venue. :) Yeah, I was pretty sure you could just go when you wanted, but is there usually a long wait when that's done? BTW, I'll be travelling with two other people, if that makes a difference. TBH, I'm not overly concerned with the MDRs so much as I am about Moderno. I know it's something I want to do one night, but I'm holding it in reserve for a night where the MDR looks less than awesome. Thanks again!
  12. Hi all! I know reservations are recommended, but how feasible are walk-ins for the MDRs and Specialties (specifically Moderno)? I just don't really want to have to chain myself to a restaurant for each night already, especially when I don't know the menus in the MDR. The only meal I feel inclined to book asap is the Illusionarium show as I'd like to see that on Dress Up Night. (BTW, recent menus from the past sailing or two would be SO appreciated!)
  13. Hi all! Thinking of doing Krazy Lobster in Costa Maya, but I have a few questions. 1.) How do I get there? How do I get back to the ship? 2.) About how much is a lobster? Do I have to pay in pesos or are US dollars ok? 3.) Does anyone know how much the snorkeling trip is from there? 4.) If anyone's gone recently, how's the seaweed situation? 5.) Sand lice? 6.) Is it true that they'll give you a free margarita? Is it a sample size or something? If so, how much for a real one? 7.) Anything else I should know? Thank you all so much! Love this forum!
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