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  1. Thanks y'all! My brain kicked in almost as soon as I posted the question. Of course there'd be an accessible way off the ship. They're not holding those incapable of using an escalator hostage. LOL It was a dumb question by me, but thank you all so much for humoring it!! And FWIW, yes, I was talking about INSIDE the ship, but it's good to know about the departure terminals, too! Thanks again!
  2. Hello all. Can someone tell me if there is a non-escalator way to get off the ship? I saw a video of a couple leaving the ship for their excursion and they were taking an escalator down. Is there an elevator down or even a regular staircase? I am traveling with my legally blind mother who has difficulties with downward moving escalators. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, that's what I was thinking, too...It was certainly the first I'd heard of it. Glad to hear that, as I'd really like to do Barcelona on my own!
  4. True, but how can a shuttle bus run from the cruises if it's a requirement to take a cruise excursion to leave the ship? (And that's a big If. I am basing my comments on the info from the RC excursion support team. You'd think that'd be reliable, but it's not unheard of for the info from cruise support to be erroneous...)
  5. According the RC's excursion folk, Spanish ports are currently requiring Ship-sponsored, escorted excursions, so I doubt it. 😕
  6. Thanks so much! Oh, that would be awesome to see the dancing of the Sardana. My grandmother would be so pumped! Thank you again!
  7. Royal has told a lot of people that they'll be done moving cabins by Oct 13th. I would wait until the 14th to call them again. Good luck!
  8. Oh nice! That'll be great for times when you have to meet your tour group at 7AM!
  9. Yeah, I think a problem is that "experienced" Travel Agents still work in a world without internet as the primary form of communication. My cousin is 76, has been a TA for more than 30 years and still struggles with internet-related communications. She knows the industry as it has been quite well, but yeah, I'm often the lead on any communications on my own travel. I tell her what's what. Whatever. Family, ya know? But when she retires, I doubt I'd bother with a TA otherwise.
  10. Suggestions for the excursion at the Naples port? I'd prefer one that focuses on Pompeii and just one area of Capri as opposed to having like just 60 mins in the area... Thanks!
  11. Hello all. I was just wondering if anyone knows if bubble tours for Italy ports are still required? I won't be sailing until May of 22 and of course we won't know the situation ahead of time, but I was just wondering if I should jump on whatever Italy excursions are currently available or if it would be better to try to figure out a 3rd party? What's the situation now, and if the restrictions are still in place, do we know when they will expire? Thanks!!
  12. Just logged in to find that my room was finally assigned, and I got an upgrade! I was in an oceanview room on Allure, but now I got upgraded to an oceanview balcony on the 7th floor! Woot woot!! I think the location is pretty awesome as it's just a few rooms down from the aft elevators and right between the Boardwalk and Central Park! Thanks, Royal Caribbean!
  13. Any time there is lamb on the menu in any way, shape, or form, I'm all for it! Cruising is the only time I can get lamb. How is Royal's? Which venue has the best lamb? Thanks!
  14. For me, I'd just buy some onboard credit and enjoy whatever extras come your way without worrying so much about the bill afterward. Spontaneity is always a good thing!
  15. How are they handling all the moves? My cruise is on May 12 out of Rome. I have an oceanview room, so nothing fancy. But I haven't even gotten an email saying the cruise is cancelled. I only knew because I saw it on a Facebook group and checked my sailing info. It still says cancelled and I am so nervous. Thanks to this thread (and no thanks to RC!) I know I should wait until Oct 13th to see if we got switched... It would have been nice to get some sort of acknowledgement or email explaining what's going on or some reassurance that the switch would definitely happen... I know I am a peon in the scheme of things considering this is my first RC cruise and not even in a balcony, but hey... $4k (3 people) + airfare from Atlanta to Rome + pre and post stay is a **** lot for me, ok? It'd be nice to know if I need to figure out an alternative sooner rather than later...
  16. Hey y'all. So I was led to believe that RCCL would likely finish transferring folks booked on Allure Western Med to the Wonder by today. My reservation still says cancelled. I'm not sure if I should be worried yet or just chill and trust that all is well? Anyone else in the same boat -- literally and metaphorically. 😜 If you got transferred, did your booking start off by saying cancelled? I'd appreciate any reassurance to chill or reassurance that I am right to freak out. lol. Thanks!
  17. Fair, but here's the thing: these things ARE built into the cost of other cruise lines, specifically Royal Caribbean. There's no charge for things like the FlowRider, the RipCord, the carousel, the slides, etc. AFAIK (and I am a noob to RCCL...I have my first cruise with them scheduled in May, so please correct me if I'm wrong), there aren''t any shows that have an upcharge either. Now, you might say, "Well, they're way more expensive, and in some cases you're right, but doing an apples to apples comparison, so oceanview balcony cabin in RC to NCL''s Sailaway balcony cabin (no perks), is very comparable if not cheaper. Sure, if you're comparing the liquor pkg to the free at sea, no question NCL wins, but if you don't drink that much in general (which I don't..the NCL's free at sea pkg is barely worth it for me), you can come out about even paying a la carte. So if you want to do all the things that are advertised so heavily on the ship, I feel like you'd be paying way more on the Encore than on Allure of the Seas, hence a nickel and dime perception. Also contributing to the nickel and dime perception is when you start charging for things that used to be free or taking away things that were free in favor of things that are an upcharge.
  18. I agree. It's why I am resistant to ever try the Encore. It seems like a nickel and dime experience but without Spice H2O, which was my absolute favorite place on the ship. I am growing less excited about my Prima cruise rather than more excited.
  19. Ha! And I'd further wager that there's gonna be some kind of gaming package...! Isn't there already one on the Bliss/Encore?
  20. Perhaps a dumb question, but where on NCL's site can I see the deck plans? I'm in room 13178...I just wanted to see where I am in relation to the slides to see if I need my TA to perhaps move me... Thanks!
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