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  1. https://www.miamidade.gov/portmiami/parking-information.asp
  2. I don't know about now but in the past, they did sell (very limited in number) POSH passes to non-Haven guests. Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m7JXiHUWKG0
  3. If you're before final payment date, you can do it....if you get a good phone rep who is able to apply all needed promos, discounts, etc. I've done it and kept the same stateroom, same confirmation number, etc.
  4. Guests 1&2 pay the lion's share while guests 3-6 pay a much smaller amount. If bidding, the bid amount is per person for only guests 1&2.
  5. 18030 Being located after the bump-out gives better views along the side of the ship when looking aft. With the other choices, the ship partially blocks the view looking aft. You didn't mention your itinerary but if you are stopping at Ocean Cay, most people prefer starboard side since the ship will likely dock with that side facing the island.
  6. Laurent Mercier, who was on vacation with his family, according to the Sun Sentinel, was trying to climb from one balcony to another when he fell onto what appears to be a striped asphalt surface of the pier alongside the ship and died. - LINK
  7. On Escape/Joy/Bliss/Encore, the size order is 9, 12, 15, 14, 11, 10, 13 from deepest to least deep. There are also differences in balcony width and in bed location.
  8. Do you mean 8140, 8142, 8144? None of those are obstructed as obstructed refers to looking straight out. If you want a view straight down to the water, you'd be better off with the M6 staterooms that are more forward (8114-8134 / 8714-8734).
  9. I agree 100% $1,000 plus $250 in service charges or $1,250 and no service charges. Which will attract more customers? But it will end up costing more. Maybe they don't want you to compare different lines and instead want people to blindly jump and book the one with the "free" things....
  10. It's on the front page.... *20% Gratuities Apply on: Free Open Bar; Free Specialty Dining. Free Extra Guests on select cruises. Restrictions apply. ...but the text size is much smaller. NCL would add more than $15pppd and then proudly proclaim "No daily service charges!!!". Is that what people really want?
  11. Escape has 4 (slightly different) H2s and the balcony on deck 17 is deeper than the balcony on deck 18. They sleep 6 in the same way as Joy/Bliss/Encore.
  12. I understand what you mean but I didn't want to give incorrect info. It would take photos/video to be sure of a particular stateroom. I see plenty of "feet first" but it could be possible that some are the other way.
  13. It's possible that the ship has reached lifeboat capacity for that section of the ship. Even though the stateroom may sleep 4, if the surrounding staterooms assigned to the same lifeboat are at capacity, MSC cannot put you there. However, I doubt that lifeboat capacity is the problem. More than likely, it is just phone rep/IT issue with MSC.... ...see what I mean? 🤪
  14. For the standard balcony and Club balcony staterooms (not counting actual suites), the bed will be near the balcony if the stateroom sleeps 4. If it sleeps 3, the bed can be in either location but most "sleeps 3" are bed near closet. On the deck-plans, the wider part of the stateroom is where the bed is located. However, there are some errors on the deck-plan and the indent is in the wrong place. If it sleeps 4, the bed is near the balcony no matter what the deck-plan indent shows. https://s.krfb.de/decks/2020-break-deck-14.a0ufixx8.png (Click for example) Just to be safe, do a mock booking with 4 people. Whatever staterooms show will be bed near balcony.
  15. I've never tried it but maybe the Contact Us section can do it. One of the drop-downs for "Type of Request" is Booking Changes so maybe with the booking number and sail date, you could cancel that way.
  16. It varies since different ships changed at different times. In other words, if someone booked a H4 on Bliss and on the same day booked a H4 on Joy, they might have ended up with 2 completely different stateroom types. With the shut down, there wasn't much discussion since the cruises were cancelled anyway. It's still confusing when people are researching old posts and see the old alphanumeric codes. Someone could see an old post claiming that the H5 on Encore was small even though (now) the H5 on Encore is a 2BR. Add to that with NCL splitting certain categories into 2 different categories based on balcony size, it can be even more confusing. If you are in what is CURRENTLY a H6 on Breakaway, the balcony isn't large at all.
  17. Bliss has the forward-facing lounges (1 for all, 1 for Haven). Bliss has larger standard side balconies. Bliss has the go-kart track. Bliss has an enclosed smoking area in the casino. Bliss has a better drop-slide. Overall, Bliss has better specialty dining (both ships have restaurants that the other doesn't, though). Breakaway has more "open to all" sundeck area. Breakaway has outdoor forward-facing views at no charge/open to all while Bliss does not. Breakaway generally has deeper aft-facing balconies. Shows don't mean much to me so maybe someone else can compare the entertainment between the two.
  18. Several alphanumeric codes have changed over the past year. The 2BR Haven on Breakaway and Encore used to be H4. They are now H6 (Breakaway/Encore deck 18) or H5 (Encore deck 17).
  19. Seeing that look is worth the price of the Haven. 🤣
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