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  1. Thank you all who responded. As for the Disney fanatics, this poll has nothing to do with Disney and as far as I am concerned a disney vacation has no correlation to a cruise vacation so please move along.
  2. Here we go again. This is upsetting but this not an issue that needs a million emails to the C-suite. Corporations have a set customer service system and hierarchy for a reason. Are you too important for the system in place so you automatically start passing out the CEO's email address? If this is important to you, contact them through the proper channels and if that doesn't work show them by taking business elsewhere and donate independently. Let's not forget that information from the crew generally is not true and is rumor.
  3. This is a totally anonymous survey do not feel the need to answer if you do not feel so inclined! A crew member we became close with on a cruise last weekend commented about how passengers are all rich and have lots of disposable income. That has not ever been my perception of mainstream cruising but I see how to a crew member from a poor country would see anybody taking a vacation as rich so I wanted to do an unofficial general poll about it. I ask that nobody comment anything snide, controversial, suggestive, etcetera and let the pool run its course.
  4. LSSaqua

    Email to the CEO -- problem solved

    It is unacceptable that you have had to waste so many calls without any luck. It is also downright embarrassing that you thought this was a relevant issue that needed the attention of the CEO of a publicly traded, multi billion dollar, international company. People need a serious reality check. This could easily have been resolved onboard. I wholeheartedly hope that people who contact the CEO for issues like this are ashamed and embarrassed for themselves.
  5. [quote name='jannandjohn']what happened..??[/QUOTE] Some people can't take care of things and the schools took a beating.
  6. Wow lots of nasty posters/cheerleaders on here.
  7. LSSaqua

    How to book specialty dining using OBC

    No thats part of the game
  8. [quote name='lovetocrusie9918']Don't they know how the China people trashes the things? They are known as locust, nothing will survives after they leave. The ship will be so wore out, that is mind as well be 10 years older. [/QUOTE] This post gave me a flashback to when I was in junior high and our state integrated the school system--- that's exactly what happened!
  9. LSSaqua

    $12 Drinks? No thanks!

    I don't pay $14 for a cheap drink in a plastic cup on land and I'm sure as hell not going to on vacation!
  10. LSSaqua

    $12 Drinks? No thanks!

    They probably raised the prices to offset the fact that they are offering so many onboard credit booking bonuses :rolleyes:. It is shocking to me that so many people just stand by and roll wit the constant punches (cutbacks and price increases) from Royal Caribbean. The prices for drinks on Royal Caribbean are more than most high dollar resorts and the drink quality and atmosphere are far below those resorts. It's unbelievable. The generous pours are gone and the prices skyrocketed.
  11. LSSaqua

    $12 Drinks? No thanks!

    I am just learning of the outrageous drink prices Royal Caribbean has imposed. I am flabbergasted. The way I look at it, I am a person who drinks 4-5 drinks per day, and by trying to squeeze a few more bucks out of me, they have lost out completely. I will refuse to buy drinks at those prices plus additional gratuity. I'll be putting some floppy flasks in my suitcases for sea days and will be drinking off the in port. I hope people are making an uproar over this and they reconsider their prices.
  12. Ok I have been reading all the past few days that it is very hard now to get drinks from the bar at the pool now that they have cut back on bartenders and pushed the drink packages. We usually only drink at night but I get the Coke Package so I can have cold drinks by the pool on sea days. My past couple cruises the bartenders already seem irritated or bothered by those of us only getting Cokes from the bar presumably because they are not being tipped for a Coke the way they are for a $10 drink. I can only assume that will be worse now that there are reported waits on most ships for bar service :(. In a way I feel like I wasted money now that I read that Independence of the Seas does not have Freestyle machines. This stinks, I probably will not get my moneys worth now that there will be lines and no freestyle machine.
  13. LSSaqua

    Carnival to add 9 new ships

    Wow interesting
  14. Long time cruiser but new to the Cruise Critics message forum. After ten HAL and Celebrity sailings our last three Royal Caribbean cruises have been on Allure, Freedom and Liberty. Freedom and Liberty of the Seas have been two of our favorite ships of any line. I'm wondering if Independence is as good of an experience as the other two because it has spent much less time in the Caribbean than the others and we only sail Caribbean and Mexican Riviera cruises. I've read that the shops are European suited on Independence of the Seas so I hope the feel of the cruise is not different as well :confused:. Is there anybody who can compare or share their experience?