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  1. 6 minutes ago, DISNEY GIRL said:

    Hello - I have just booked the Sojourn for 16 November 2020 and this is my first time with Seabourn, so would welcome a $400 OBC referral thingy.  I am from the UK, so does it have to be a UK referral?


    Not too happy with Seabourn though at present, as I booked a GTY cabin and 7 months before sailing my cabin has been allocated, the worst verandah cabin on the ship, close to anchor, etc.    Strange, as I thought the cabins don't generally get allocated until a few weeks before sailing?



    Hi I can do it for you!

    im in the uk


    just pop me a quick email! 

  2. 38 minutes ago, oceanviewer21 said:

    We have Transit visas because when arriving on a cruise they are acceptable.  Now because we are arriving in Sri Lanka by plane we have to have Tourist visas. I cannot order them online because it says we already have valid visas. It would be great to arrive at Colombo and not be able to leave the airport!!!! not.

    Lots of calls to Seabourn, TA, High commission here and to Sri Lanka.  I have been told to send an email. Stressed now.

    I keep on having waves of I’m going and I'm Not going!

    I'm more worried about getting home if something happens! 
    looks like Arabia and Israel are going to have a big problem! 
    my heart wants to go but my head is saying you fool!

  3. 8 hours ago, CocoLocomotion said:

    This morning I reserved our first cruise with Seabourn, sailing on Encore 7 - 17 April 2020. Does anyone have a coupon or voucher available? Can the coupon or voucher be applied after the reservation is completed? If yes+yes, contact me at drei911s at mindspring dot com. Thanks!  --- Coco

    If you send me an email I can do the referral online! 
    you are better getting 2 x $250 (1 per person) rather than 1 x $400 per suite!

    its a really simple process! 

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