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  1. Thank you to everyone that replied to my post. I have read that there are two Queen Mary 2's. According to BigMac 1953 one is a rust bucket with horrible food, surly staff, etc. and the other is nice. Is it possible that one is used for the trans Atlantic and the other for shorter trips ? How can I find out which on is being used on the 11/21/21 Caribbean cruise ?
  2. I have a courtesy booking for the 11/21/21 sailing from New York to the Caribbean. I just read some reviews that were very discouraging. There were reports of rust and disrepair, horrible food, poor coordination of tours and port transportation and other passengers in ill health. I want to experience the Queen Mary 2 because of the luxury associated with it. I am wondering if I am making a mistake. I know that when people are unhappy they often squawk loudly while people who had a good time will enjoy their memories and not write about them. I have been to the Caribbean many times. The purpose of this cruise is the experience of the Queen Mary leaving from and returning to New York, avoiding overseas travel. Any thoughts from former travelers are appreciated
  3. I am considering the 11/21/21 to 12/3/2021 cruise to the eastern Caribbean. I want to experience the Queen Mary as a luxury cruise and dressing up would be fun for me. My husband is less enthusiastic bit would be OK with a sports coat and tie. With the exception of specified formal nights would this be acceptable ? Has anyone done this cruise to the Caribbean and is it less formal ? Thank you.
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