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  1. First step is to link your reservations. You will need to do this through your travel agent or Royal if you are not using one. If you have any status with Royal you could request a table by a window. Most of the large tables are either along the sides or down the middle. It makes it easier for both you and RC to request a large table before you cruise. I know for sure they have 10 tops and I would think they could do a 12 top.
  2. DH won a gold by the inch necklace twice. I think it was because we were in the right place at the right time. DH also won a free cruise playing Texas Holdem. Again like RomanceMama said not really free since I upgraded, we did get cruise credit for the cruise. It might be because I upgraded us. Lots of free stuff on the free Texas Holdem cruise. Wish he would hurry up and win again.:D
  3. We had 8096 aft on the Rhapsody July 2014, for our 50th. Loved that rap around balcony. Great room wonderful view all the time in Alaska. So much room on the balcony we did a repeat of vows (son-in-law pastor) with all 6 of us out there and still lots of room.
  4. PudgiPoo

    Dietary need for Cider Vinegar

    My big reason for having apple cider vinegar . It helps with muscle cramps. Working out in the heat tends to cramp muscles. For some reason apple cider vinegar helps. We mix with apple juice and honey. Its refreshing and helps avoid those night time leg cramps. If you Google uses for apple cider vinegar you will find a lot of other uses, but this is the reason we carry it when going to the Caribbean. Apple juice and honey is available on board in the morning at the Windjammer or Room Service.
  5. PudgiPoo

    Dietary need for Cider Vinegar

    I carry a small bottle of apple cider vinegar on every cruise. They do not have this on board. Before I started bringing my own I asked and got rice vinegar in a gallon bottle. I wrap the bottle in bubble wrap and put in my checked baggage. Make sure it is a new sealed bottle. That way no problem if they check it. You could carry it on I just don't want the weight. They can check it and see that it is vinegar.
  6. [quote name='Jimnbigd']I'm curious why the clocks were changed. I've sailed from Galveston many times, both on standard and daylight time, and both the Roatan and Jamaica routes, and we never set our clocks. Is this a new thing for Royal, or the whim of the captain? I do sort of like the idea of changing clocks, so we get an extra hour of sleep the day we disembark. I'll let you know if we set or clocks on my March 27 cruise since Galveston will be on Daylight Saving time then. (Reminder -- USA sets clocks 2am Sunday morning, March 13, for most states.)[/QUOTE] My guess as to why they started changing the clocks. With the phones that change time as you move about it was confusing people. That could make them late [B]with an excuse[/B]. That could end up costing RC money.:rolleyes:
  7. [quote name='Fishfish']Thank you for your wonderful review and taking me on an armchair vacation! I am even more excited about our cruise on Liberty in January!! :) P.S. From our experience and from reading, it seems like the disembarkation nightmares occur on the Roatan/Belize itinerary, for whatever reason.[/QUOTE] We were told by our Porter that a cruise returning from Belize is checked more by Customs. Therefore, it will take longer to get people through. I believe there is a problem with drugs coming out of Belize. Not sure but this is rumor from the Porters.
  8. PudgiPoo

    Just off 2/14 Liberty sailing...

    Ok I stand corrected. I was looking at the wrong Planner, wrong ship. On our December 2015 cruise (Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and Cozumel starting with 2 cruise days) Saturday Night Fever was on Day 6 Friday in Cozumel.
  9. PudgiPoo

    Just off 2/14 Liberty sailing...

    [quote name='TnTWalter']Love the planner....would it be same for the other itinerary... Falmouth GC Coz? Thanks.[/QUOTE] I have a planner from before dry dock and it is basically the same. The shows on mine are different due to the addition of Saturday Night Fever which is new.
  10. PudgiPoo

    Diamond Lounge Drinks

    There is no Bourbon. This is my DHs drink. We are not heavy drinkers, but just an aggravation.
  11. PudgiPoo

    Documents At CHECK-IN. REALLY?

    If you are concerned about having the documents download them to your phone or set up the link on your phone. Don't stress. :)
  12. [quote name='internetwhiz'][url]http://www.royalcaribbean.com/vanity/libertyoftheseas[/url] About Liberty Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk[/QUOTE] I thought these were to be the adds after dry dock.
  13. My HD was in the tournament on the Allure in 2011. You should have and email address or a phone number on the paper you received when winning your seat in the play. They emailed my HD with a person to contact for cruise information. Everything to do with the cruise went through that person until we were onboard. On the big ships you want to have reservations for the shows and it is truly impossible to book them with your player friend/spouse. They will not assign play time until you board. They play in the evening. This is why we could only have 5:30 dinner or MTD. Some only have the one evening play (players that lose), but my HD was in for a couple of nights and one was formal night. What I did, I had friends on the cruise with us and I attended the shows I wanted with them. I made reservations for my HD, but while he was in the play he could not attend. They had a wonderful private party for the players and spouse/companion. It sure was a lot more relaxed cruise after he lost. They played late into the night. I think is why my HD came in 28th (in the money) he was tired. :rolleyes: I don't know if I can help much, but if you have questions I will try to answer.
  14. We were moved on one cruise. Our original table was requested by me and was great. First night we did specialty restaurant as usual (I checked our table at boarding). Second night our table was squeezed into a spot along the wall. I do mean squeezed. Two of the chairs could not be moved away from the table. It would have been okay, but all of the people came to the table that night. Two of us had to stand around and try to figure out if we were going to stand and eat or go somewhere else. After several minutes the waiter stopped by and moved the table out a bit so the chairs could be moved a bit. One of the men had his tummy pressed to the table. What a mess. I guess if I had it to do over I would have gone to the Windjammer. We found out a family of 12 asked to be seated together and the wait staff took our area to set up. They moved our table back the next night, but the damage was done. The other cruisers never returned to the MDR. Unfortunately they were first time cruisers. I don't think they will be using the MDR again and may never cruise with RC again. We did see them around the ship and tried to explain to them that this was not something that happens and the error was corrected. As I said the damage was done.
  15. PudgiPoo

    Diamond Plus Perk

    That refers to regular dining times. I have requested a table for 10 for the 5:30 seating and we got a great table by the window. If you are doing MTD you most likely do not intend to eat at the same time every evening. MTD is on the 5th deck I believe. If you eat during day light get a window table if you like to see the sea.