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  1. i've never been on the pearl, but from other NCL ships, there is always multiple table shows happening at the same time. You might sit down at 6:30, but from the time you order food, drinks, they prepare the food that the chef is bringing to the grill table, etc, you may hear one or two other tables shows in the making. Like what www3traveler said, they only reserve a portion of reservations for online bookings. The restaurant will fill up even though online it looks like it won't by online standards. When you show up at the restaurant for your reservation, they will know that you have a res for 6 people. What they don't know is that it could be one cabin, 3 cabins, or possibly 6 different ones. So from experience, i wouldn't check in with the host until all 6 people are there in front of the restaurant ready to be sat down.
  2. @tx121 hi tx121, i was on the January 19th sailing and absolutely loved Onda. I had the burrata appetizer, tuna crudo, lobster pasta (tagliatelle). We all split a pizza. everything was amazing. My mom ordered the veal chop entree and she couldnt stop talking about it the rest of the week. I hope this helps! Also, the waiter in Onda was amazing. His name was LeAndrew. If you get him / request him, you'll be more than pleased. 🙂
  3. @RNRcruisers @prbffd28 So to add to this, i boarded the ship around 1:30pm (had wedding brunch in the AM) went straight to Q to purchase vibe and they were sold out by about 20 minutes from what the guy told me. I was actually the person who purchased the next day. I went to guest services about 7am the next morning and there happened to be 4 available vibe passes which i bought for me, gf, and my parents who joined us on vacation. The 240 max is what they advertised but like said before, it never seemed full up there. I was very pleased to get it on day 2.
  4. @meatball_nyc i was in cabin 12900. Port Side aft.
  5. I was on the same sailing and would agree there were pros and cons. -Vibe was great, super quiet. The only negative to it is that it is so excessively windy that its almost unbearable to sunbathe. The private bar, drink service, daily fruit and cookie service and the freedom of not having to "hog" deck chairs is key. -I'd agree that the food was excellent. Onda is a treat. If you have the chance of dining in the new Italian restaurant, take advantage of it before it fills up. The lobster pasta, raviolis, pizza, Everything was awesome. Teppanyaki was also so delicious. -Service was spot on. Not much to say about that, other than NCL is excelling in that department. -The Asian Pho station in the Garden Cafe.... Wow Cons that stood out to me -The cabin was super noisy. There must have been an issue with the wall panels. Ive been on over 20 cruises and happen to be used to "normal cruise ship noises". But this honestly sounded like the walls were going to crumble as soon as the ship starting moving. It lasted the entire cruise. -I couldnt tell you who the cruise director was. Not one time did I see him other than deal or no deal. If i walked right passed him, i wouldn't notice him. This is minor but IMO, an active CD makes for a fun experience. Even though i never had a problem with service, its pretty interesting to see what the crew will do for a comment card. I noticed a couple sitting next to me at dinner in the MDR and they were complaining the entire time. As soon as the gentleman picked up the comment card, their waiter became a new person and was very attentive. But again, NCL has some of the best staff in the cruise industry.
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