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  1. Have you read the "Know Before You Go" info on the HAL website ? https://www.hollandamerica.com/en_US/faq/know-before-you-go.html
  2. My favorite spot is Bohio Dive Resort for an outdoor, beach-side lunch and a refreshing beverage. It's quiet, away from town, never crowded, and a welcome escape from a busy ship. Plus the taxi drivers are happy to take you there, and return later to pick you up. Everyone I've taken there for lunch and drinks loves it because it's not touristy, the food and service are good, and the ocean view is fantastic.. Trip Advisor Travelers Choice Award in 2021. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g147397-d595616-Reviews-Bohio_Dive_Resort-Cockburn_Town_Grand_Turk_Turks_and_Caicos.html
  3. Did you have advance notice that you would receive $100 ? Was it credited to your ship account ?
  4. If your family cruise is booked as a group, the group contact (you ?) will receive a Group Dining Request form weeks before the cruise. Use this form to assign who you'd like to sit at which table. Example: list six names, and ask for a table of six on the form. In your case, two tables of six will work better than one large table of ten/eleven. At tables for six, people will be able to talk to others around the table. A table for ten limits the conversations to people sitting near one another (no one wants to shout across a large table). After the first night of assigned tables, let family members mix it up by sitting at the other table if they want. For the specialty restaurants, visit the maitre d' in each one IN ADVANCE , and let him/her know that you have a group requiring a large table. They'll be happy to help you. HAL Group Dining Request Form.pdf
  5. The do-it-yourself-wine-service is beneath HAL's reputation, or at least the one they're trying to maintain. If guests in the MDR want to be able to pour their own wine, fine. The steward can set it up that way by request, Otherwise guests should expect that the wine will be poured for them as needed, just like any fine dining restaurant on land. I don't understand HAL's need to dumb down the service and think no one notices. Years ago I spoke up about HAL's logo on the china plates not being placed at the 12:00 position when food is served to the guest . This is one of the hallmarks of correct meal service. The maitre d' turned pale when I mentioned it to him; he knew exactly what I was referring to. Same thing two years ago when I asked the maitre d' to remind our waiter(s) that hot tea is served with an unopened tea bag and small teapot of hot water, not a tea bag already floating in a cup. Problem solved; it never happened again. Speak up about the service, sometimes they may have forgotten, or they're taking a short cut.
  6. You won't be disappointed. Holland America IS on par with Princess, if not better.
  7. Help save someone's job, and book through a travel agent. 🙂
  8. The timing - 2023 - suggested to me that by then HAL believes it will be making some money and operating in the black. I do appreciate the heads up from HAL about the promo, and as someone else posted, it was a nice surprise to get an email with a Mariner Society benefit.
  9. HAL has sent out the notice that SB is cancelled on the October 31 Koningsdam sailing. It will be a sea day instead, and a longer stay in San Francisco. COVID concerns aside, if I lived in SB I wouldn't appreciate a 2600+ pax cruise ship sending all those folks ashore (look what's happened to Alaska).
  10. Frankly that's why I'm reading CC right now...to see if there's any news on a specific sailing.
  11. There is NO excuse for HAL' failing to confirm, when asked, that the cruise was cancelled.
  12. Source ? This one still has ships scheduled. https://www.lovecatalina.com/community-information/catalina-cruise-ship-schedule/
  13. The EU announcement was a recommendation to their member countries. Each country decides on their own if/how visitors from the US can enter.
  14. It was part of an August 25, 2021 notice from HAL president Gus Antorcha about changes to their deployment schedule.
  15. Zuiderdam cancelled departures from September 18 to October 2, 2021: Voyage U152O - September 18, 2021 – 7-Day Classic California Coast – Roundtrip San Diego Voyage U154O - September 25, 2021 – 7-Day Mexican Riviera – Roundtrip San Diego Voyage U156 - October 2, 2021 – 7-Day Mexican Riviera – Roundtrip San Diego I posted this on another thread, and am sharing here too since the first cruise is only a few weeks away.
  16. Also announced today....Zuiderdam's September and October 2021 California Coastal and Mex Riviera cruises from San Diego are cancelled. Voyage U152O - September 18, 2021 – 7-Day Classic California Coast – Roundtrip San Diego Voyage U154O - September 25, 2021 – 7-Day Mexican Riviera – Roundtrip San Diego Voyage U156 - October 2, 2021 – 7-Day Mexican Riviera – Roundtrip San Diego Zuiderdam Coastal and Mex Riv cruises from October 9 to October 30, 2021 will be done by Koningsdam.
  17. Not sure why you want to jump through so many hoops...... simply book the room you'll be happy in, with the perks you want.
  18. Yes...a quick drive into town will affirm that ! Basic rules of the road have been thrown out the window.
  19. Yes I've been asked. It was years before I actually became one !
  20. JMHO. It's best to buy the exact room and location that you want. If you leave it to HAL to assign your room, you may be disappointed, especially on a large ship like the Koningsdam.
  21. I agree ! Travel agents can get them for their clients (TA orders them from HAL) .
  22. Read the deck plan, or have your travel agent read it to you. Deck plans for all ships are on the HAL website.
  23. Just be aware that they need to be replaced about every 3 years.
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