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  1. Hello! Does anyone know if the EOS has had an upgrade?
  2. I'll be hiding these cuties on the Odyssey of the Seas this year! I can't wait! It's too bad some feel it's such a waste to spread happiness. I think it's a fantastic idea! Hope it continues to spread like wildfire!
  3. Do we need to have internet everyday? I am trying to figure out my expenses and would like to be able to watch a movie on board in my cabin once or twice. The streaming was not good on the Oasis, but we are trying a new ship and longer itinerary, do we need to have it everyday? Can we purchase by the day? TIA
  4. Ok, I see. For Coastal Kitchen will there be a certificate in our cabin for dinner or will they just know because of our SeaPass card color?
  5. thanks NeedsVitaminSea Is Costal Kitchen a perk? Isn't it included already?
  6. This is our first time on the Anthem OS and having a Suite cabin. I'd love to hear your experiences with a J3. I guess they used to be called a Family Suite? TIA
  7. Fantastic! Thank you so much for this! I am planning this trip myself so this is awesome for me!
  8. They said it's not time yet. But we did want to go that route.
  9. We are planning on hitting only a few stops in London, well that was until we saw the video of a couple taking the bullet train to Paris! Bahaha! We should be able to do our airfare here in another month. Your airfare from Southampton to FLL was only $200 per person? We can't even get across the US for that little! Great job! We are expecting it to be high and hoping it will not be crazy expensive! Thanks for your review!
  10. QUESTION: For those of you in the US headed to UK or have done so, should a good guestimate for airfare be around $2500 per person? We are in Colorado, US. Leaving August 2020 London.
  11. Is the Air2Sea - www.air2sea.com? I'll check them out. And I'm sailing with Royal Caribbean. We also would need to call them because we booked directly with them. Just wish we could do our flight early. The hotel is proving to be a task in and of itself!
  12. You all are so awesome! We had a wedding this weekend with friends and I'm so glad Im back! Going back to read comments!
  13. I was checking out flights and doesn't look like we won't be able to book anything until September or early October. {Sad Face!} They have started with July flights on Expedia.com, is there a better place to book flights? Maybe go straight to the airline? I have no idea who only flies to London! Geeze, I feel like such a new kid on the block! When we sail the Caribbean I'm so much more on top of what I'm doing!
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