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  1. How is everyone printing luggage tags? I dont see this option.
  2. We already bought the Key so I think we are going to be fine with devices, we decided to keep it so everyone can have access to wifi text to keep everyone informed of where we are when we separate. We are keeping the same number in each room, just want to swap the actual bodies around but thanks for that reminder. I have ran into that on carnival before- kids wanting to stay in grandparents room, but having to squeeze in. Was easier when they were smaller! :) Appreciate all of the answers and opinions! :) thanks again!
  3. Thanks Biker! We dont need a fourth cabin, the 3 girls are excited to share a cabin, and the boy will sleep with his parents. But, you are right, some of the planner purchases are definitely adding up to the price of cabins!!
  4. Thanks in advance for your help! 🙂 I have only cruised RC once, and it was on one of the small ships so not much applied, usually we cruise Carnival and while they have a lot of similarities, cruise planner is totally different for me. Background- we are cruising on the Independence of the Seas with two families, 4 adults, and 4 kids (13, 12, 10 and 😎 in three rooms. We had to book with two kids and an adult each in two rooms and two adults in one. When we get on board, can we swap it around to have three kids in one room? Will they give the parents access to unlock that door? (they are next door to our room but not connecting). We purchased the Key for all of us, does it include internet for 8 devices or only one per room? Not a big deal either way, but the kids would probably like to unwind with you tube or something at night if possible. But we do cruise to unwind, however, my 13 year old will be happy she can keep her snapchat streaks. lol Photo Package- if we buy it for the kid's room, does it only work if they are in the pictures, or would it be for any of us? We are looking into the unlimited specialty dining, looks like hibachi is a 10 dollar up charge. My youngest isn't crazy about hibachi but loves sushi, is it possible for her to sit with us, but order from sushi menu instead? We are doing CoCoCay and I know the older two kids would love the thrill waterpark, but due to the price (currently 114 a ticket), I'm unsure how much use the younger two kids would get from it. If we do half and half, do you think it would still make for an enjoyable day? Can we still meet up for lunch, etc?
  5. When I made the reservations, it just said they will tell us onboard. We are going on the Valor for a 5 day if that makes a difference.
  6. No, they dont. You can search for them in the chat feature. In August we went with a friend and her daughter's, we were not on the same reservation and had no issues all chatting. We kept up with our teenagers that way. It's not 100% reliable, as with any technology at sea but worked fine for us. If you have any questions, just let me know. I've been on several carnival cruises and I'm happy to help with anything that I can.
  7. 1) Sorry, I'm no help on here 2) They do two shows to accommodate early and late dining. I love YTD though personally. 3)Yes, you can request the same server if you find one you like, sometimes you may have to wait a little longer but I never have had it be an issue. no, but on some ships you can reserve with the HUB app I've heard. Again, not used this. 4) Free download, it has a chat feature where you can text other people in your party for $5 for the whole cruise, it also has all of the fun times once you are onboard. Definitely download it. 🙂 5) Cheers does not, I'm not sure about excursions. Sometimes they may have a small discount but not much of one that I've ever noticed.
  8. I was just stating that the likelihood of lost bags on a cruise is much lower than an airplane for sure. I actually dont worry about either. Once I'm in vacation mode, my give a darn goes so low that I figure I'll deal with whatever. But, absolutely, everyone has to do what makes them have the best vacation possible! I have done both, carried on and checked. For different reasons each time.
  9. LOL, I wondered the same. To me, it's not like flying, bags dont seem to get lost do they? I have never known anyone with a lost bag on a cruise. I hear everyone say to tip the porter so your bag doesn't get lost. I tip the porter bc I tip for service, but not in fear they are going to throw it in the ocean or something.
  10. Great ideas! Thanks everyone!! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  11. Thank you so much! Bookmarking that site! Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  12. We are putting together a gift bag for our friends who are taking their first cruise with us- anything you would add? We have: clear luggage tags, fun luggage tags to identify bags easier, lanyards(2 options- clip and regular), Dramamine, downy wrinkle releaser, B12(hangover preventative), fun travel Tshirt(we are close enough to know they will laugh at it, lol), stainless steel straws... Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  13. We carry on often, but yes, it has to fit in the scanner. It can be long, just can't be too wide to fit through. When we carry on, we use backpacks from eagle Creek. They hold a ton but distribute the weight well. Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  14. I should have asked my travel agent, and still can. I was excited to see these available, it wasn't a deal breaker so I didn't think about it at the time.
  15. There may be an easy way, and maybe I'm just not very smart. Lol. We have traveled with family a few times, sometimes we are able to open the divider, other times not because of it blocking the door. We are going on the valor in a few weeks and have 8449 and 8455. (If I got those numbers right, corner aft and the one to the left). Really hoping we can open up the balcony divider to create one very large balcony.
  16. Yes, when I factor in that it's done on the purchase price of the package, not the amount of drinks/coffee, etc that I am served. If I typically tip $2 a drink, but on cheers I drink 10-12 including coffee, etc, my around 9 dollars a day on the cheers would make the tip much smaller than what I would otherwise tip. SO, I add a little to it to it in appreciation for great service. If the service is not great, I dont add to it. Outstanding service and a lot gets added. And, I'm not entirely sure how the tips are divided up when you purchase Cheers, so I do what suits myself and tip extra. It's a personal choice though, and no one is under any obligation to.
  17. Yuliya and Lucky are my two favorites. I would sail on a ship they are on just to have them mix my drinks! 🙂
  18. We always get it and sometimes I break even, sometimes save a lot with it and sometimes dont break even. I just pay for it up front and then I dont worry about it. To me, it's a cost of cruising. Couple of reasons- At home- We drink socially, and usually if we are out at dinner will have a drink. Many times I would have two but my cheapness takes over and I just have one. I know if we didn't have cheers that on vacation, I would be thinking about the bill at the end and not ordering what I want. It's just my personality. Once money is spent, I dont care, I just let my frugal nature take over otherwise. When we cruise without our kids, no doubt we break even or come out ahead with cheers. We also arent big on excursions without our kids. Most things, I think, I'd rather just eat and drink for free on the boat. When we take our kids, that's probably when we dont always come out ahead. We take them on excursions, so we are off longer on port days. But we still start every day with specialty coffee and enjoy drinks throughout the trip, so if we dont break even, it's not off by much, so I still dont regret it. Every cruise is so different for us, depending on friends we make on board, the staff, etc so sometimes we end up drinking more than others, sometimes we gamble more, sometimes we watch more shows, etc. So it's hard to guess upfront. Now, the biggest question always seems to be- do you drink more just to get your monies worth from cheers. Yes and No for me. I get specialty coffee because I paid for it. Regular coffee is honestly just fine for me. I drink a lot more bottled water where tap is fine for me. I order a mimosa or Patron XO in my coffee at breakfast where if I didn't have cheers, no I probably wouldn't. I'd only have one drink at dinner vs two, etc. I do try things that I am not sure I like, because no harm if I dont. We have only hit 15 drinks like two nights out of all of our cruises so a drink going to waste is not a big deal to me. All of that long winded message said- we always tip extra on every drink, soda, or specialty coffee with cheers since the gratuities that are added are so small per order. So, this is an extra cost to consider. I'm definitely ordering more than I would if I didn't have cheers since I would just drink regular coffee and wouldn't order so freely if I were paying per drink.
  19. I saw online that it says to follow the dress code of the day, but do you have to wear closed toe shoes? None of my dressy shoes are closed toe. Trying to figure out what to wear. Thanks!
  20. Anyone have any opinion on which is better and why? It's me and my two daughters, and friend and her two daughters. Price difference is around 85 for the three of us. I've read reviews that say the food is not very good on the buffet, so thought the menu might be a better option, but not sure. And, any other thoughts on this excursion? It will be our first time here. Thought it would be less party atmosphere than Mr Sanchos but more for the kids than Nachi.
  21. At home, one a night about 3 nights a week. On the ship- all day, and never feel more than a buzz.
  22. we use packing cubes and can get a lot into a carry on, but my struggle is always packing to come home. I dont want to spend time rolling dirty clothes... we always struggled with having enough room to bring it off the boat. Last cruise we brought these laundry bags from columbia outlet that are water tight. we were able to hang them in the closet, then compress down to fit back in the luggage when we packed up. Webtravel with a carryon/backpack from ebags that really holds just as much as my large suitcase since there are no wasted spaces from the wheels.
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