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  1. We did a 10 day Halloween cruise from Brooklyn, NY to Fort Lauderdale, Fl a few years ago with our daughter, son in law, his unmarried sister with their three kids ages 5, 4, and 2 1/12 We had mini suites on Princess and it worked out well. The two boys spent the day in the kids club. Our 2 1/2 year old granddaughter could not be left alone in the kids club. Everyone had a wonderful time and the kids loved the cruise. When it was bedtime we had plenty of options on who was going to get them into bed. Our granddaughter was in a bed for the first time. One night she rolled out on to pillows
  2. This past Monday we took our first cruise since the pandemic began. Well actually it was a one hour ferry ride from Highlands , New Jersey to Manhattan for a Dr appointment. There was no dining room, no all you can eat buffet, no shows but they did have coffee for sale which happened to be very good. The sun rising on a clear 50 degree NJ shining on the lower Manhattan buildings was beautiful. The ferry takes you past the Statue of Liberty, under the Verrazano, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, and Manhattan Bridges. The first stop is the Battery in lower Manhattan near Wall Street. The second
  3. No! We do not expect to resume any cruises until 2022 or 2023
  4. Princess Cruises cancels sailings until mid-December because of the pandemic Forrest Brown, CNN • Published 23rd July 2020 https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/princess-cruises-cancels-sailings-december-pandemic/index.html This will most likely be extended well into 2021 Every day that goes by with no national policy on shutting down the US until the falling transmission rate meets the 14 day CDC guidelines means this pandemic will continue out of control and no one will be cruising anytime soon. No other country will allow Americans to visit until the pandem
  5. We currently have three Princess cruises booked in March, August, and December 2021. At this time I do not believe any of them will sail and all will be cancelled? I do not believe cruising will resume until the pandemic is resolved in the United States as well as other parts of the world. Presently US citizens are barred from entering most or all European countries, Canada, the Bahamas, and others. Malls, Bars, Restaurants, and many stores are closed and even if they were to open many would still not enter so who would want to be confined to a cruise ship even if it didn'
  6. Agree! Although we currently have FCC deposits on three cruises in 2021 based on what currently is going on I doubt we will sail on any of them. I think 2022 is a more realistic possibility? Howard
  7. We used https://israeltour.com/israel-tours/ Excellent tour For many years Jewish teenagers could go to Israel free under the "birthright" program. This program now includes adults if you have never been to Israel.
  8. We visited Israel for two weeks in 2015 on a tour with our temple and felt perfectly safe. Our tour included dinner with Israel troops at an Israel Army base. The twenty something base commander told us that we were safer in Israel than we were back hone in the US Our tour bus made a stop near the Syrian border and we could see the lights of a nearby village in Syria. Strongly recommend taking a tour as there is so much history there. We had a great time and if taking a trip outside the US that is the one safe place to go. Howard
  9. Falkland Islands. South American Cruise 2019
  10. Exactly! I posted in detail on another thread how quickly we received our refund for two cabins and two tours on my Princess Visa card on the cancelled Sky Princess April 4th 2020 cruise. I have read plenty of complaints regarding the Barclays Princess Visa Card but as far as receiving my refunds they did an outstanding job. Others who used different credit cards complained about having to provide much documentation. My Princess Visa Credit Card only showed Princess Cruises charges and nothing else was required to process my refunds. Getting some additional points or
  11. Chef's table I sign up on every cruise. Well worth the money. Howard
  12. We were booked on the same cruise and I received the refund on the two cabins and the two tours we had booked for our grandchildren last week on my credit card and back in my checking account this past Monday. So happy! Howard
  13. I believe passengers will no longer be allowed to touch food in a future buffet. Food will be served to you . We usually eat most or all our meals in the dining room. Howard
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