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  1. Going on symphony September 7th. Besides the the ice show, & hiro & the two other shows, was there any other entertainment?
  2. I’m surprised they haven’t released anything more. They announced the allure one. I didn’t expect that one to happen before freedom.
  3. Does anyone have an email for royal? Want to send a thank you.
  4. Did anyone not get an email yet? I did. My son didn’t.
  5. I can’t believe that it’s taking so long to get a response from them.
  6. Still getting different responses. Royal hasn’t even issued a statement. The only way they are responding is if you ask them. Afraid of the backlash. It’s a shame they aren’t honoring the price they posted. I was loyal to royal but they aren’t loyal to me.
  7. I agree. The price was up there for hours. People called and booked it through there agents. Some people questioned it. Like myself. And was told they had to honor the listed price. Royal should honor the price. People who usually wouldn’t purchase a drink package did. They still made money. By not formally addressing their mistake and going through and deleting all posts that said they would honor the price makes them look shady.
  8. Still no formal announcement on what they are going to do. Hopefully they will honor the ones who purchased it already at that price. This should be interesting.
  9. Excuse me. Where did I come off as needing anger management? I was Just stating my thoughts. I wasn’t rude or nasty. I just think if they cancel it they are going to have a lot of people upset. We saw the price and purchased it. If they cancel it that’s fine. But I bet that people who wouldn’t normally purchase a package did. And they still made money. Why did you single me out.
  10. I understand it it was a mistake. But according to someone on this page it says it has been like this since yesterday. When I called to purchase it the person did say it was a mistake and they had to honor the price that is listed. They have allowed all of us to purchase it. Took our money and sent a confirmation. It it would be in poor taste to cancel. If they do, they are going to have a lot of angry people to deal with. This is going to be interesting to see how they handle this.
  11. I just checked my purchase and it’s not cancelled.
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