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  1. yeah, that is what i figured and I did ask the roll call, thanks! I know and I am ready to book the cruise and drink package now as long as together the price makes sense. Thanks!
  2. Hi, is there a way to check the price of the deluxe drink package for a particular sailing prior to booking?
  3. You will have to call (twice 🙄) to link dining though. Used to be able to do that online but no more. Annoying that I cannot eat dinner with friends/family but I can link charging privileges to their cards.
  4. I sailed Anthem last October (adding this since you asked specifically about Quantum class, Brilliance in February, Symphony (largest at the time) in May and then an 8 day on Empress in mid-September. I was a little nervous how I would feel going from all there is to do on Symphony all the way down to Empress in under four months and I want to say that I LOVED Empress! One of my favorite cruises to date, actually since the staff was SO AMAZING. I did have to adjust to such a small room and only having the Windjammer open most of the time when sometimes I just wanted a grab and go snack in my bathing suit but it was a small cost to me. I look forward to possibly sailing her again. I wish they had brought her back to Tampa for year round 3 and 4 day sailings since I think we are lacking that here.
  5. Of ALL of the terrible things that Royal did when "upgrading" their website, THIS is the one that irritates me the most. That I can no longer just link all of us online like the good ole days and when I call to get us linked this is what I am told 😡 The next issue I have is that at least once per year my travel companions are from the UK (I am US) and half the time they tell me they cannot link US/UK bookings. The other half I get it done after about 5 calls. It is INSANE that it takes at minimum 2 calls from 2 different parties to different reps to get only 4 people to the same table. But while I cannot get them linked to my dining reservations, I CAN get linked to their CREDIT card and give myself charging privileges!
  6. Looking forward to your review. Happy you were able to enjoy under the stressful circumstances. I board Empress this Saturday and cannot wait to read your thoughts. Any photos of MDR or drink menus?
  7. And that to me, is the biggest point, what people find desirable. I have MOSTLY chosen guarantee rooms because I like the savings more than I care about my room. I had a room on a 4 night this year that I LOVED the location of because it worked for MY needs. I could definitely see though, why it would be a very undesirable location to many. Personally, I am perfectly fine with whatever room they give me as long as it is clean and I am taken care of because I use my room for sleeping and showering. Others require suites, balconies, etc. Figure out what is more important to you and choose accordingly 🙂
  8. Loving this review since I am sailing Empress in just over a month after a nice time on Symphony in May. There are not many reviews on Empress, let alone so detailed and your photos are GORGEOUS. While I liked Symphony just fine, I do enjoy being on the smaller ships and feeling like I am out at sea rather than in a city. I thought I read that Empress does not have a formal night but I see you referenced formal night. I know not everyone dresses for it but there is a formal night (my sailing is an 8 night)?
  9. The pool is very shallow and they would be able to stand in almost all of the pool (but one area in the middle). I am 5'3" by the way 🙂
  10. Sailed Anthem last October and it was the largest ship we sailed. I only once felt the crowding and it was when a show let out and there was a sale at the shops on board. We were at the Pub and it was a little crowded but not terrible. That said, it was not our favorite but that could be the actual cruise, not the ship. I longed to be on a smaller ship BUT it may have been just that I longed for a sunny Caribbean cruise (it was a Canada/New England fall sailing) and time in the pool. We sail Symphony next month and I am curious to how I like it. I am keeping my mind open but so far, I think I am realizing that small/mid-sided ships fit our cruising style best.
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