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  1. Mooder

    Just back from Martinique January 2016

    Thanks, this is just what we have been looking for!
  2. Mooder

    sunset veranda balconies

    Is one deck better than any other in choosing a sunset veranda? Or is it only important to get the middle ones for the width? I ask because I've mostly cruised in NCL aft balconies and deck 10 tends to have larger balconies than the other decks.
  3. [quote name='SiamLover']It's a local church group I occasionally organize cruises for. Of course her family would get the money from the insurance, no one else. [B][U]But the insurance would keep 30% excess or so[/U][/B], that's why I was hoping for a name change option which would simplify the entire thing.[/QUOTE] Here's your problem, right here. Someone bought lousy insurance! I never heard of them keeping 30%.
  4. [quote name='triptolemus']I'd bet money that the children probably want their parent back. Very likely that the last thing on their mind is the stupid cruise.[/QUOTE] Which is probably why OP is trying to help them!
  5. Come on, people! While I agree that trip insurance is the only appropriate avenue here, I see no reason to assume the OP has anything other than the family's best interests in mind. Why put words in his mouth -- just to have something to attack him for? I guess no good deed goes unpunished! To the OP, I am sorry for the family's loss and hope that they get satisfaction from the insurance.
  6. [quote name='LOWTYD']I am sure I have answered this in the past but when I see the ship from the West Side Highway it hits. Of course that is if I am sailing from NY. Otherwise, when the plane lands wherever I am sailing from. I am right in the middle of packing now and I am not giddy at all. I am more annoyed at myself. I am about to try on my bathing suits . :([/QUOTE] Don't do it!!! Major buzz kill!!
  7. Mooder

    Neighboring Aft decks

  8. Time to bring this thread back to life as I am in giddy mode! Anyone else?
  9. I agree that Diet Sierra Mist might have brought better luck. I like it and have never failed to get it on the ship. Last year on the Jade, I found the bartenders were very anxious to be accommodating. Early on in the cruise, we ordered a cocktail (from the menu) that required fresh watermelon. It was explained that they didn't have any in stock at that bar. We were deciding what else to order, but as we sat there, having pleasant conversation with the bartender, one of the others ran off and came back in a bit with a plate of watermelon from the buffet ( 6 decks up). We were so pleased and impressed by his resourcefulness. From that moment on, every time we went to that bar, one of the bartenders would let us know that they had a plateful in their little fridge. Moral of the story, if they KNOW and understand what you want, they will do all they can to get it for you. Communication is the key. And I doubt talking to a manager would have been as successful because it required thinking outside the box.
  10. Mooder

    DSC going up

    Well, that's good to hear. I am going to assume its a glitch. I was going to prepay but I'll wait a while to see if it works itself out. Thanks!! ETA: It is an 11 day cruise. Here's what it says on myncl: "The convenience of pre-paying service charges allows you to plan your budget prior to your cruise giving you additional freedom while on board. A discretionary charge of $ 13.20 per person per day for all guests 3 years or older will automatically be added to your onboard account. Your service charges will total $ 264.00 for all guests, for your entire cruise." With a total of $264 that's $12 per day. :) Sorry for the false report!!
  11. Mooder

    DSC going up

    Its strange that it varies so much! :confused::confused:
  12. Mooder

    DSC going up

    [quote name='mbisson']I booked my next cruise over a year ago...will my DSC be based on when I booked?[/QUOTE] Doesn't look like it. I booked a looooooooooong time ago. ;)
  13. Mooder

    DSC going up

    I was looking to see if anyone had posted about this here and didn't find anything. According to NCL.com the DSC for my March cruise will be $13.20 per person per day. Does anyone know is this as of the first of the year or when? I'm happy as always to pay it (in advance) - I'm just wondering.
  14. Hi Tyskie, In October w kept them open the entire cruise. It may depend on where you are. We had aft cabins. Sent using the Cruise Critic forums app
  15. I had the same experience in this great cabin. Loved every minute of it and simply closed the door if I didn't want to hear any music. But even with the door open, it wasn't anything I couldn't sleep to.