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  1. @intrepidfromdc: Monty Python and the Holy Grail...but does anyone know how long it will take to be repaired?
  2. My advice (as a former travel agent), having taken my 3-month-old daughter and am scheduled on one next month with my now 28-year-old daughter, her husband, 3-year-old and 1-year-old: Do your research in advance and come prepared! I have already reserved rental cars in every port so we can go where we want when. We have cabins in the Harbor section of Carnival's Horizon, largely chosen for the lounge area, which provides extra space for the kiddos, as well as snacks (and better coffee than anywhere else on the ship :-). I've read good reviews of the Camp, which hopefully the 3-year-old will enjoy on sea days, so we'll only have to chaperone the 1-year-old (between 3 adults, how hard can that be? ;-). We also have trained our children to behave (unfortunately, unlike some), but there's always the possibility of a tantrum, in which case we remove the child from the situation until s/he's calmed down (and to avoid inconveniencing others). Bring lots of quarters for the laundry, since otherwise you'll have to wait in long lines at the front desk. Hope this helps!
  3. Things you might not think of: Corkscrew (with bottle opener), if you're bringing your allotted bottle onboard; a small, foldable cooler for port days; my Steri-Pen (so I can drink the tap water in ports, along with a thermos); small, foldable beach chair (only $16 online and fits easily in suitcase) for ports; small, portable speakers for cabin; water shoes; coffee mug (since I drink a lot and the cups are too small); lots of large baggies (for wet clothes, food, as a make-shift cooler with ice, etc.). Hope this helps!
  4. Probably because you'll be there during hurricane season -- good luck!
  5. I too prefer to carry my luggage myself, as long as I can access my cabin shortly after boarding. Otherwise, I'd let the porters take it, since I've heard it could take until mid-late afternoon to get access to the cabin, and I'd rather spend that time at the pool or enjoying other activities.
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