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  1. I'm sorry if I offended you. That wasn't my intention.
  2. I'd try a different browser. Maybe Chrome or Firefox. Also I would update my IOS since there was a recent update. After that I'd say it must be something HAL has implemented. Good luck, Michael
  3. If you have any questions or doubts ask your steward. They are there for you and will be happy to help you out. Don't feel intimidated in any way. If you have questions about what dinnerware, silverware or glassware to use just ask. All of the staff on HAL is pretty wonderful. Don't worry you'll have a wonderful time, Michael
  4. On the Koningsdam you had the same breakfast card (you hang on the door at night) as the Neptune suites. This is a very nice perk as far as I'm concerned. The SS cabins on the Koningsdam were different than any I've had in the past. Not bad but just really different. I'm certain you'll really enjoy the the upgrade and I hope you write a review when you return. Have fun! Michael
  5. I proposed to my wife in the crows nest of the Nieuw Amsterdam 35 years ago. I'm happy to report our marriage is in much better shape. It's very sad to see, but time marches on. It's hard to believe that there were no balcony cabins, no specialty restaurants but they did have "Ocean Liner Service". I'll never forget the best and most life changing day of my life when Wendy said "Yes, I will marry you" onboard the Nieuw Amsterdam. Michael
  6. This will probably hurt the people that book a guarantee room rate. Now the pecking order will be 1st upselling cabins for most added revenue. Next up the club orange added revenue folks will get the next best cabins. Last will be those that took a guarantee hoping for the upgrade fairy. All I can say is good luck with that.
  7. Thank you very much for the help. It's much appreciated. Michael
  8. Hello, Could anyone please let me know which of the SB Neptune aft wrap cabins on the Koningsdam is your favorite, and why. I would really appreciate any insights and information you might have. Thanks, Michael
  9. My sympathy goes out to Walt's family and friends. He was an icon of the cruise critic boards. Michael
  10. Hello, This was an excellent review and mirrors my feelings very closely. Your photos were great, and I loved the Indian love call between the two ships at the end. I want to say thank you for all of the time and effort you put into this. I really appreciate everything. Michael
  11. The answer to your question is no, never. I'd stop cruising if it came to taking tips away from someone who has nothing to due with the rules that are enacted by the company they work for.
  12. What did you say Ruth? I'm having some trouble with my ears today.
  13. There's absolutely no way Holland America Line is going to dilute the alcohol in any way, shape or form.
  14. Hello Eileen, I really appreciate you taking the time from your vacation to capture and post these menus. I've read a lot of people complaining that food quality has gone down so much in recent years. I really don't see it. We first cruised with HAL in 1987 and I thought the food was excellent then and I still love it now. Yes things have changed. There used to be table side desserts and I really enjoyed Dutch night. There would be live music and sometimes local entertainment from the port we were visiting. However change is the only constant and we're seeing that here. We used to wear sport coats every night and tuxedos on formal nights but those days are gone as well. Back in 1987 the Noordam III was still quite new, and guess how many balcony cabins it had? None. Change can be good. So Eileen here's my question for you. How did you like the food and service? Did you have any favorites? Once again thanks, Michael
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