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  1. Your going to get many responses and feelings on this so I thought I would throw in mine. I'm a non smoker who loves to play the slots. Even thought they set aside a non smoking section that only means you will not have a smoker beside you. In reality it is all one big room and smoke drifts. There is no getting away from the smell. Having said all that, I did not find it a problem but I'm not one of those who say they can't be around it because it makes them sick or whatever. Yes, you know there are smokers in the room however with the ventilation they use the smoke itself dissipates rather quickly. Smell is always there, it has seeped into everything. Once I'm done in the casino I toss anything I was wearing into the laundry.
  2. I think what was being said was if they DROP the lawsuit then the family would probably have to come up with the cost of legal fees. It is pretty well known that the lawyers expect a large chunk of what they pull in and that would pay for their time but if the couple drop the suit then the lawyers would be out that expense and probably bill the clients for wasting their time.
  3. Did anyone notice that Gofund me page was set up by someone in Charlotte, NC? Do they have family there? I wonder if it is in fact not a legit funding page. Sad if someone would use this for personal gain.
  4. I would be surprised if they didn't have time to talk before GF being questioned by anyone with the authority to ask for a test. Again, just my thought but I'm sure GF wasn't whisked off at that very minute. It would have taken time for everyone to figure things out, what to do next. He probably would have asked for the son/daughter and would most likely have been allowed to speak with them.
  5. I would bet that it would be on the advice of the mother and father. She's a DA and he is a police officer if I'm correct. That would probably be advice they would give knowing the legal system. They may not have felt he was impaired but testing over the limit would be held against him. Or even if he were taking meds for say cholesterol and mixed it with a drink that would be a reading they may not want in evidence. That's just my thought, could be totally off the mark.
  6. One of the best compliments I ever received was from a co-worker. After hearing about our vacations for years and how I looked/got the best deals she said 'your not cheap, your thrifty!'. That I am, that I am.
  7. I have never found the Next Cruise agents to be helpful at all. The few times I have tried to speak with them they acted like they were doing me a favor by just letting me sit down. I had one agent roll their eyes at me for asking a simple question, apparently it was to simple to get a direct answer. We don't bother talking with them now, nothing they can offer would entice me back to them. JMO.
  8. What is this second video from a phone? I have seen a second video but from one of their cameras. It is of the GF' left side walking over to the window.
  9. So there! Lol. Okay, I did say I could be wrong.
  10. San Juan does not have a port webcam. Edited to correct error
  11. The reason I wanted only to hear from people who know for sure was so there would not be speculation. If someone answers the question without knowledge they are speculating. If someone in fact knows the answers, say someone who worked/works for RCCL, then they would not be speculating. So no, all of my questions are not asking for speculation. What I wrote is not contradictory. Thank you @S.A.M.J.R., that is exactly what I was asking. The attorney has exaggerated on several things, as we can see from the photos, so I will hold judgement on how many cameras there actually are.
  12. I keep reading about how RCCL has not released all the video. How do we know there is more? I mean, how do we really know? I see what happened coming from both sides, through two cameras. Would there actually be more? That to me seems like over kill but I don't know how they run things. It's not like they would have five different views of the same thing would they? It's just a question that keeps going through my mind and maybe someone has an answer for me. I would love to hear but only if you know for sure and not an educated guess. Guessing only adds to the confusion.
  13. I think that would be a wrong statement. It would be reported, and make no mistake it will be if that happens, that the case was settled with a non disclosure clause. That in itself sets a precedent. It tells everyone its open season on Royal. They will have a ton of law suits for frivolous things. Royal will not allow that to happen if they are not 100 percent at fault. It's not like someone who slipped on a wet floor. That would be settled. Now that's just my thought and it's no better than yours. Only time will tell but my money goes towards Royal not settling.
  14. Could not agree more! Having said that, it is still fresh for the mother so I'm sure she is reaching out to try and make sense of it all and blaming RCCL is just part of the grieving process. She will get there, it just may take some time. I am not excusing anyone's behavior, just trying to understand from her point of view. GF is at fault, no doubt. Maybe she just can't handle it at the moment.
  15. For this mother, I would live with the guilt that I didn't watch my child. I would feel that guilt as if it was I who put her in that danger. Sadly, I would carry that with me forever regardless of who my child was intrusted to. Others may feel differently though and I understand. Just wanted to make the point that the mother may hold onto that for a very very long time.
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