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  1. I think your underestimating. I don't think they will lose as much as one may think. I would bet a large percentage that say they will not sail if vaccine is required actually will, in fact, sail. It's like every time Disney raises it's ticket prices and you hear the masses saying they will not pay it and will not return then they are posting about their latest trip and how wonderful it was. It's easy to say you won't but the pull is there. People will be back, the cruise lines will not suffer because of this requirement.
  2. It will not be from Canada. Not this year. Government of Canada announces one-year ban for pleasure craft and cruise vessels - Canada.ca
  3. How would they know? There was a case in our town that was accredited to elevator use and I wondered the same thing. How would you know? The virus could be on the buttons someone pushed, could be just floating in the air.....or it could be the person you walked by in a hall. How could you possibly know?
  4. We have sailings in October and I personally don't mind if there is a mask mandate. With the number of people who say they will not sail if they need a mask, that could make our sailings a much nicer time. Less people to via for the deck chairs, less people to take up wanted dinning reservations less people in the pools and my personal favorite, less people in the casino 🎰. I can live with that. 😉
  5. Where did you see this? Is it conjecture or is it posted in the lawsuit somewhere? I didn't think there was a number.
  6. I've wondered about this since the beginning. He says he is color blind but has that been proven? It's easy to say but to prove is another matter. It would/should be on record somewhere if true.
  7. Tripping while carrying her down stairs would have been a tragic accident. Lifting her outside a window, 11 stories up while holding her with only one arm is negligent homicide in my eyes. You can not call it a tragic accident. Let's also not forget she had been playing in the children's water area minutes before and was probably slathered in sun screen which would make her slippery. The grandfather should have received a lot more than what he did.
  8. That would be horrifying. I feel so sorry for them. That would give you nightmares for years. To me, it looked like he held her out with one arm around her, not both his arms.
  9. I'm not sure that is correct. The mother and father were down at the service desk, they weren't in the area. Chloe ran to the window and grandfather followed her. Then he leans out, picks her up and puts her out. ETA- found this (279) Surveillance video shows moment Indiana toddler drops from cruise ship - YouTube
  10. I really doubt they will win but they may just give any settlement money away in the name of Chloe. Don't know. All I'm saying is they need to blame someone. If they blame the Grandfather then they have to blame themselves for leaving her with him. That could, mentally, be hard to do. This might be how they are coping. Not saying it's the right way, saying it could be their way. I hope it's not about money.
  11. I think it's more trying to come to an understanding. Trying to put the blame where they can move on. Yes, there is money involved but I think it's more to give them closure. It's not right but I really think it's for personal feelings, not personal gain. JMO.
  12. I want to disagree with this statement. He has to feel the guilt, accept it, before it will be a punishment to him. From what he has written in his statement he seems to still want people to fault RCL and not him.
  13. That is so sad. Three years probation SMH. That child lost her life. As far as I know the probation will just be staying out of trouble and reporting in to a probation officer or, depending on where he lives, reporting to a police station. Wonder what ever became of the lawsuits the parents were filing.
  14. 😎 couldn't find the rolly eyed emoji. Think what you will but that is never going to happen. A year, maybe two, but forever? Nope.
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