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  1. Thank you! So there is no need to actually worry about if the TA is going to pass information along for Royal Up. I can check myself. Again, thanks!
  2. Isn't there somewhere you can go to place a bid even if you don't get an offer from RCL? I thought there was a spot on their website that allowed you to make offers at the 30 day mark. No? Did I get this wrong?
  3. Ditto. We now book CP exclusively. Love the bird sounds in the day and the greenery. Love love the music drifting up in the evenings and the cricket sounds when the music stops, the twinkly lights. Sitting on the balcony is so relaxing. We were nervous at first to book one because of all the 'people can see in your room' comments. I found that to not be true. I have yet to see anything that would make me rethink my choice of a CP cabin. Op, you will love CP if you do choose it. Grab a glass of wine before dinner and enjoy it on your balcony. I guarantee you will be all relaxed when you head out to eat.
  4. If you booked your cruise in Canadian funds then all related purchases before you cruise are in Canadian funds as well. Make your purchase now and if the cost goes down then just cancel and rebook. There is no fee for this from either your CC company or RCCL. The one draw back is that it takes a few weeks to get your refund as RCCL is slow to process it. I have had one issue where I was booking drink packages for B2B cruises and prices dropped two days in a row. I canceled and rebooked for both days however only three refunds were processed. I had to call Royal several times to get the fourth refund returned but it did eventually come. My point is that the time between your refund and the need to pay for the new product, which is right away, will be several weeks and so your CC will have a balance showing both. Make sure your CC has room for that.
  5. Where was the Consecutive cruiser lunch held? We did a B2B last year and it was at Jamie's, which we loved, but this looks like a different menu altogether.
  6. What kind of 'deals' do they offer on Black Friday? I'm wondering what to expect. I know it depends on the ship and sailing but what has been your experience.
  7. Has anyone seen the $50 OBC that was promised for these cabins? My email said they would be posted on the 11th but I don't see anything on either of my cruises. Just wondering if anyone has.
  8. Oh, did the Mods move it? I thought I posted it to the wrong place so I reposted on the Royal site. I might be in trouble, lol.
  9. Does Miami have a Global Entry/Trusted traveler line yet?
  10. I'm trying to recall, are the life jackets in the cabins or at the stations or maybe both? I was just discussing this and I just don't remember them in our cabin. I know we don't wear them to the drill.
  11. I would be sceptical of them getting it right if you decide that you want to keep the perks. In six months time everyone will be fighting to get those cups and that JR meal.
  12. Thanks, I just wanted to be sure the .com part was correct. I sent a email off yesterday and now I'm second guessing myself.
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