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  1. So Sorry to hear about your fall, but so happy to have found another review of yours!! Heal fast!
  2. When hubby and I booked under a similar offer for him, only he had the DOU card. I had to earn mine, haha! What we have done on our next cruise, we have to book 2 cabins, so we are both using our offers, one for each cabin and I get my card!
  3. Absolutely loved Simon! He was always around everywhere! At every port when getting back on ship also! Lovely jubbly!
  4. Just back from the Magic last week, no third 0.
  5. You can also do it in your Cruise Manager, I recently pulled my adult daughter off our room (card), and put her own credit card on her file for just her charges.
  6. Loved it, again, thank you for your time! Going to go re-read you Magic review. We are on her in just over 2 weeks!
  7. I cant believe how behind I am, Im excited to read another adventure!!!
  8. Not any suggestions, as we are going to Reggae Beach and using St Kitts Watersports, their day package is the closest I have found to what we want to do, but I have to say, LFK was the best place I have ever been. Ever. We have agreed our next cruise will involve Roatan just to go back.
  9. Thanks Todd! Appreciate the info
  10. For the Marriott, and no I haven't called, but from the website I cant see. Do they have any rentals available, like snorkel, kayak, or paddle boarding? Thanks
  11. So I have a reservation with St Kitts WaterSports from Reggae Beach Just looking to see if anyone has used them, and your opinion Had an issue with making reservation, and them pulling payment when its clearly noted on site that you can pay in cash there (got refunded though), and am just feeling a bit hesitant.
  12. Has anyone done this through Carnival, I understand lunch is not included, but are there places to eat while on excursion. 6 hours and we head out 930, figure worse, just take snacks and eat lunch when done. But wanted to ask if anyone had experience. Thanks Also how is the ride from port to the excursion and back?
  13. Can I ask what you meant by different groups embarking and debarking, and also what interporting is? Thanks, looking at MSC for Med in spring of 2021 and loved what you had to say! Thanks Maybe I just answered my own question, is that what why when Im searching, it looks like the same ship leaves a different port every day and you can start there or the next port. Kind of like a continuous on and off not one start and one end? Here I thought it was a website glitch, but now it makes sense, I think!
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