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  1. FYI, Marty was fantastic! Thanks again for that tip.
  2. I for one was very interested to hear about the Piano Bar player, Fire, so thanks for that info! DH and I are on the Vista on the 24th of July & I'm sure will be spending time in there.
  3. My sail date was 4/11. I requested a refund when the cruise was cancelled (I already had 3 other cruises booked & paid for in 2021, and wasn't ready to book a fourth, LOL). I cancelled shore excursions, steakhouse, internet and a water order a couple of weeks before that (March 20-25, or thereabout). I just received the refund for the excursions, etc today. Hopefully the cruise refund won't be too far behind.
  4. It doesn't surprise me. I cruised on Princess in November and had to prepay for specialty dining. I think Carnival is just following suit. It probably reduces the number of no-shows.
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