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  1. Was also going to say the actual cruise itself would have a bearing. the same as same as destinations where its just a case of filling cabins will always have more dynamic pricing than lets say the usa/canada trips that Aurora and Arcadia do. Cant remember now what grade we were looking at ,but twice we have looked at these cruises at different stages and always just outside our price point as they worked out over £5k per person.
  2. Except the grade of cabin we usually have is always sold out before it gets down to saver, or are in a position we do not want so in our case it would be a case of not going if we waited.
  3. Or you can purchase a sort of net sheet (i got mine off ebay) that you place ontop of item being ironed. 2X Ironing Mesh Protective NET CLOTH Protect Guard Iron Delicate Garment Clothes
  4. Our next cruise was cheaper at select price (taking off OBS) than it was at whatever saver was currently being sold. Priced it up before booking. We booked a few days ago and go in November.
  5. Is it possible to say at XXX a time we will be at. I would just like to see you there at that time. Then they go off again . The 15 year old will probably be in the club for that age group a lot of the time. walky talkies are not allowed and dont work that well either, due to all the metal.
  6. As others have said ,you will have to do the maths as to whether select minus the OBC works out less than the saver fare. Also look at the deck plans . With saver fares (released later ,pay 100% at time of booking, only choice inside, outside or balcony) The price quoted will be the cheapest of that type--for balcony that would be fore or aft low down with obstructed view. If you would be happy if that is what you end up with then it comes down to the maths. With early saver fares (deposit and balance) you can pick a grade, and you will end up with that grade of higher Again with those 2 pando will slot you in where they have empty cabins. Be it above/below public areas etc. You can strike lucky , but not always. Only you can decide which you would be happy with. Final thing is people will say if you dont get the choice of dining you want you can change it onboard. People have been posting that now you cannot. Most popular is freedom, followed by 1st sitting,followed by 2nd sitting. More select fare payers are choosing freedom, so you are more likely to end up 1st or 2nd sitting. Especially if on one of the smaller ships that only have 1 dining room of each.
  7. should have added if you booked a saver fare (pay 100% at time of booking) you do only get the choice of inside/outside/balcony. However they are based on the cheapest cabins of each of those types so a balcony would be fore/aft/obstructed. Anything above that would be charged at a higher price (higher up/more midships/unobstructed) This is why you really need to understand how it works or speak to a human who understands how it works.
  8. Saver fares are for a type. (inside outside or balcony) Early saver are a grade. Both are in the lap of the gods as to where you end up, but early saver you can at least specify a grade * P&O Cruises Early Saver * Thank you for choosing to book your holiday with P&O Cruises. Your booking has been made on P&O Cruises Early Saver. Your cabin grade has been secured. We will assign your cabin number either in the grade secured or in a higher grade before departure. I would guess the grades on that ship have ones for obstucted balconies and ones for unobstructed
  9. Totally agree about filling the ships. However a lot of people automatically think with the word saver mentioned they are going to be getting a good deal...which they may not be..with fluid pricing etc etc. I do sometimes wonder how much thought or forward planning happens when some people book cruises .
  10. Good for you. It worked in your case. It literally is just a few pounds when We have done it. Maybe it comes down to grade of cabin...i dont know. We do what we feel easiest with.
  11. The whole idea of the 2 types of saver fare are that you don't get to pick your cabin. Late saver only inside outside or balcony and that's it. Early saver you can pick a grade and that's it. You will either get that grade or higher..which could be ending up under the buffet let's say.
  12. A question. Early saver fares are for a grade. As all the savers quotes are for the cheapest option. Would the cheapest option be for an obstructed balcony. So does it need to show obstructed or otherwise as what the customer is paying for is the cheapest option for the grade. Have to say for what you lose not booking select we have never seen the point of going for the cheaper options. Should anyone say saver fares are cheaper and not everyone can pay select. Do the maths..In some cases select fare minus OBS can work out less than saver fares (it did for our next cruise) needless to say we are select for it. I would much rather pay out and know what cabin im getting rather than have no idea if the balcony i have paid for will have a view or not.
  13. I like the I want to be in control...not sure I understand at all. I want to know what cabins are available before I book...that I can understand, but not why you don't wish to ask a human what is available to book anyway. It always used to be not all the available cabins were shown on the old website anyway. Just the ones they maybe wanted people to choose from. Not sure if that still applies with the new site. We used to phone around 2 or 3 TA's to get quotes , and Pando direct. Compare what was on offer, what OBS, etc etc. We then realised the savings via TA were not always that big. sometimes a matter of a few pounds. If there were any queries we were dealing direct with the horses mouth so to speak, not via a TA who may or may not pass info on in a timely fashion. So now we phone up direct and asked what cabins are available in the grade we want. we then chose which one..do we want to be upgraded..what is the likely path..oh no thanks we will stay where we are thank you. I can then decide whether I wish to book or not...I am in total control..what power have i lost by speaking to someone. another thought if you go online and pick a cabin...then decide to ring up...in the period inbetween the 2 that cabin may have been sold to someone else...so no power at all.
  14. You say it was your mistake, you say you were not entirely sure what you were doing, you say you are not sure what you are getting,but don't want to ring them. Not sure any of this was "their" fault. Had you picked up the phone in the first place to ring them to book, you could have stated what you wanted and they could have suggested what fare you pay, what the likely allocation for that grade would be. All you can do now is wait until your cabin is allocated and go online and look at the deck plans to see where you will be. if you paid for an obstructed cabin, one assumes you may end up with that, or end up with a slightly higher grade (either more midships or higher deck). Do report back when you have your allocation ,so we know how this story ends please nicely.
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