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    P & O Alcohol Policy

    I have never seen people around the ship drinking their own drinks..but I have read so many posts about it..that it obviously does go on. If it was just between them and Pando etc then all well and good..however there is every chance that with the trial of the drinks package the line may go down that path, and stop you taking any onboard. The majority who just have a drink before going out for the night would then be effected.
  2. the english lady

    P & O Alcohol Policy

    If people are saying its a means of saving money to take their own drink onboard (and one assumes in some cases not just drink it in the cabin but around the ship) why not go on a cheaper holiday where you can take all the drink you want into your room with you. We did not start cruising until quite late ,basically because we could not afford it. Now it seems to be a case of there is some right in having a holiday you cannot really afford, but to enable you to do this, you have to smuggle drink on in various means. have I got this wrong? For those who say they have taken away your liberty to do as you wish. It their house and they set the house rules. Sound familiar? if you do not like the house rules you know what the answer is. just my thoughts as this thread seems to be running and running and running
  3. the english lady

    Balcony vs Deluxe Balcony on Aurora

    We have stayed in both. deluxe cabins are bigger. The balconies are glass ones, not in hull ones, so lighter and brighter. To us we would go with the deluxe, mainly because there is a curtain that goes between sleeping area and sofa. I get up before OH so I can pull back the curtains by the door and it doesn't disturb sleeping beauty. The wardrobes have doors, they are in the corridor bit as you walk into the cabin so the main part of the cabin is just for sleeping and sitting. As you say the deluxe ones are on b deck..best I think. Cant say we noticed any noise from people walking above us, or going towards the back of the ship. If you can stretch I would go for deluxe. Ofcourse if you waited for saver no guarantee they would have any left in that grade
  4. the english lady

    cabin above laundry room

    Nobody who has had a cabin (even next door) has ever posted about any noise. opens at 8am...closes either 8 or 10pm..cant remember which. I purchased some washing sheets from amazon to take with me..no taking up space, after reading about them on here. those and a few tumble dryer sheets. I suggest you take your own, as sometimes the ship sells them, but they are more expensive, and sometimes they have sold out. Everything is free to use.
  5. the english lady

    Azura Show Cabins

    I don't think you were silly at all. It will help other people decide what type of cabin they would like to go for. (I usually spend my turnaround day washing and ironing..!!) It is a special time when you have the ship nearly to yourself..