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  1. You are so welcome! Im not sure where you will be stopping as our itinerary was Athens to Athens but im happy to share our experience!! We took some shore excursions through the cruise line but also booked independently. If you email Star Clippers directly you can get the times you will be at port and a list of the available excursions. In Rhodes we decided to walk around on our own and went to the museum there. We also walked around part of the fortifying wall. Great views! In Bodrum, Turkey we decided to walk through the market place ( we asked near the port for a more authentic version which was a little bit of a walk outside of the main section and a really fun experience) We took the cruises excursion to the Lyceum tombs in Dylan River, Turkey Seriously amazing day! Highly recommend doing this one!! It consisted of a guided tour of some ancient remains of a village, a boat ride past the tombs high up in the cliffs and ended at a gorgeous beach with umbrellas and a little cafe. It was the most idyllic day of our trip 💕 We didn’t enjoy Santorini too much ( 😣surprisingly) the tour to the ancient ruins was crowded and rushed and then the main part of town very tourist driven. I wish we had just gone to Oai instead. ( that would be my advise to you!) We Loved Hydra and booked a horse back ride through “Harrietts Horses” we got to go off the beaten path with our guide and got advise on the best restaurant of our whole trip!! As I said, Athens was amazing and both tours were booked independently. The photo tour was through Welcome Pickups (but if you’re interested I have the photographers email) and the market tour/cooking class was through Getmyguide. Hope some of these are helpful/informative. Again, wishing you an amazing adventure! Wendy
  2. My husband and I did our first Star Flyer cruise to Greece last year. We LOVED Athens. I highly recommend A market tour/ cooking class or Food tour while you're there! Also if you want to really surprise your wife, book a vacation photographer! I Loved getting our pictures together for our 15th anniversary as we strolled along the Plaka. They are the Best pictures I have of the two of us since our wedding. While my husband was a very good sport about the posing, he really enjoyed the walking tour that went along with finding those good shots, and he does love the pictures. I'm guessing your wife would be thrilled! (Just be sure to let her know that morning if its going to be a surprise so she can look her best!) It was easy to get around using the subway which was clearly marked and seemed quite safe. We did take the train out to the cruise ship, and although the entrance to the piers was right across the street from the station stop, OUR ship turned out to be a bit of a distance from the entrance, so grab one of the many cars that are offering to get you there if you have a lot of luggage or are short on time! We used Welcome Pickups upon our return and to and from the airport, which was great! Easy to locate, nice friendly driver, and efficient. The smaller cruise experience with Star Clippers was amazing! (We had sailed on Radiance of The seas to Alaska prior and I had done the Bahamas on Norwegian) so much so that We immediately booked our upcoming trip (Italy in Sept) the week we returned! The raising of the sails, the feel of the ship moving along the ocean, the views from the Eagles nest and laying on the netting with the sea below and the sky above, so relaxing and peaceful! We really liked our cozy cabin, We enjoyed getting up to watch the sunrise each morning and the shore excursions we took through the ship were well organized and thoughtful explorations of culture, history and nature. (The one we took in Dylan River to the Lyceum tombs was one of the absolute highlights of our trip!) It was very slow paced and romantic. If you are more interested in spending quality time together than gambling or partying the night away, then you will be in heaven. We also met some lovely and interesting people over dinners (different tables each night which was fun) and got to hear of their many adventures (and share ours too!) I hope this information is helpful! Have a Wonderful trip!! Wendy
  3. My husband and I are sailing Sept 7th 2019 on Star Clippers. Our ports of call are: Civitavecchia – Ponza, Palmarola – Sorrente – Amalfi – Giardini Naxos – Lipari - Civitavecchia The ship offers few shore excursions, but there are plenty available online that look good. (I did get the itinerary through the cruise line to better prepare) My questions are 1. Pompeii vs. Herculeaun : For those of you who have been to both, is there one that you would choose over the other? We are leaning toward Herculeaun for the better preserved art, but don't want to miss out on seeing such an iconic site as Pompeii. The tours online that offer both don't fit into our ships itinerary. 2. Capri vs. Positano: We'd love to see both, but it doesn't seem that time will allow. 3. General Advise: If you've been to any of these ports, was there a wonderful excursion you did by yourself, with the ship or a private company that you can recommend? Thank You so much for any helpful advise!! This forum is such a fount of information!!
  4. I have a couple dresses that I would like to share and was wondering how to do it. Is this still an active post?
  5. I am the same way, I brought a pair of sneakers to Greece because I wanted to take a horseback ride, otherwise I only wore them for the airplane (since they were my biggest shoes!) If I hadn't booked that ride specifically, I would definitely not have needed them. Wore walking sandals by Naturalizer through hours of hiking around ruins in Athens, Dalyan River, Santorini and Delphi. Wear what you like to wear and show off that Pedi!
  6. My husband and i are celebrating our 15th anniversary with this cruise! So excited,but feeling a bit nervous about the heat to be honest! Living in the Pacific North West makes me less tolerant of the heat, I'm afraid. I keep reading updates about heat waves across Europe!:eek: It will be our first time on a tall ship and my husband is thrilled. (we've done other big ship cruises; Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruises) We've booked several excursions with companies outside of the ship (although we do intend to do a few that the cruise line is offering.). Happy to share any info if you're interested! Wendy
  7. thanks!! We are really excited! Re Bodrum: I had read that the museum and the castle were under renovation?! We were really looking forward to visiting both, so fingers crossed its open in Aug!
  8. Southern Cyclades - Athens to Athens Sat 7/18 Piraeus, Greece - Embark Terminal A; Depart 2145 Sun 7/19 At sea Mon 7/20 Rhodes, Greece - DIY Port Tue 7/21 Bodrum, Turkey - DIY Port Wed 7/22 Dalyan River, Turkey - SHOREX/Ancient Caunous & Dalyan River 3' 30"/90€/Boat ride to Caunos & Lycian tombs and Caunos for ruins/Beach stop Thu 7/23 Santorini, Greece - SHOREX/Flavors of Santorini 4' 30"/100€/Bus to Akrotiri & Oia - also boat and funicular included Fri 7/24 Hydra, Greece - DIY Port Sat 7/25 Piraeus, Greece - Arrive 0700/Terminal A/Remain Onboard or Tour This is our itinerary!! We also opted to do the two ship offered excursions of the Lycian tombs and Akrotiri. Thank You for posting such a detailed account! I was wondering how getting to the port was? We've arranged for airport transfers for both arrival (we'll be beat) and departure (early flight) but I was thinking we could easily take the tram to Piraeus. Any experience with that?
  9. Everything I read just makes it more exciting!! We sail Aug 25th out of Piraeus. Rhodes Bodrum, Turkey Dalyan River Turkey Santorini Hydra Athens Curious if anyone did any of the Turkey trips. (We'd like to see the tombs) Also wondering how easy it was to take the tram from Athens to the Port. We will have one small suitcase each. Already enjoying the trip through planning!
  10. I sent an email asking for them and received them by the end of that day!
  11. Thank You for your insights! My husband and I will be sailing from Athens to the cyclades in August and this will be our first time on a tall ship! We are really excited but a little nervous too! I was wondering if the movement of the ship was an issue at all for you. (I get a little motion sickness and its my one concern! ( My doctor will be prescribing me a patch for this one and I always carry dramamine!) Our last cruise was on a big ship and I had no problems.
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