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  1. Our PH cabin 1062 allowed us a Butler and all the specialty restaurants we wanted if available beyond the 4 that came with our 8 night cruise. We could only pre-book 2 before the cruise, but in the suite, we were allowed to book two more without up-charge. We ended up asking for a couple more through the butler and he said let me see what I can do. The maitre d' called us that day and asked if a certain time would work. The Seabreeze suites looked newer but didn't have a separate bath. The butler was great even though we didn't use him much. But he would bring appetizers daily of our choice and it was easy to ask him to arrange for dinner reservations and almost anything else we wanted from him. He also replaced any liquor or wine bottles we wanted and would have served us any room service meal from any restaurant if wee wanted. It was our only time on Crystal so I don't have a direct comparison, but the rooms weren't much larger than mini-suites on the main stream lines. But still plenty of room.
  2. I'm happy to see this thread has a lot of give and take. I know I've learned so much on these boards and I thought the two purchases I made were good ones. We can all debate how connected we should be while on a cruise. I think I came home to over 500 emails! But they do make commercials about the airport wall huggers, so it is real. If it makes you happy, isn't that what we're trying to achieve on a vacation?
  3. I am glad I posted this. You won't be disappointed. I call the electronics bag my "go bag". I bought extra cables and just keep that bag full so I'm not running around thinking of all the cables and plugs I'll need for a trip the night before. Either business or pleasure. Also, the airport only needs to look at that one bag instead of wires all over the place!
  4. I don't have the Reflections, but you are probably right. They didn't make an announcement or make a big deal out of it. It just surprised me. Thinking back, the cruise seems like a blissful blur. A wonderful 8 days of celebrating, relaxing and exploring. All the while employees knowing your name and serving your every need. Amazing!
  5. Aren't most of us a little too connected? Crystal is the one that gave us free wifi throughout the ship! I thought it was great and easily disconnected from work while still enjoying the services offered through the iPad and iPhone.
  6. I was just going off the pre-cruise calendar and was surprised it was not on the sea day. I only assumed it was related to the seas. No official word on that though.
  7. I usually scour these boards in the months before I sail. Usually looking for clarity on rooms and benefits etc. I thought I would post this panoramic picture of our room (minus the bathroom and closet) in case anyone is also booked in the PH suite on the Symphony.
  8. On our cruise they changed the BTO night which was supposed to be on the sea day. It was rough seas, so they moved it to the next night.
  9. Coral got the exact item which is $17.99. There are all kinds of options, and I have used many including a regular power strip. I liked that this has 6 USB ports built in and that it has the long cord. Again, not as portable as most, but it really helped us with ipads, iphones, iwatches, blue tooth speakers etc. You can also see a portable power block charging which was nice to have in a pinch. We used it on our long flight. I also got one of these bags to keep the snarled tangled mess of my cables at bay. It was nice not to have to root through every pocket in my back pack to find just what I was looking for. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N21QFVN/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. I bought this online before our first Crystal cruise after reading about the scarcity of plugs on the ship. I started trying to find a compact travel usb plug but am really happy with this one. The long cord gives you flexibility to move it around and the multiple ports were more than enough. Plus they’re smart ports so they send more power to iPads than phones. Also all the international type plugs if needed. I think it was less than $20 and saved me from bringing all those cubes.
  11. I talked to the inflight chef quite a bit. He did say he wished he could do more but cooked what was asked. We had many fabulous meals and courses. It seemed like the junk food was the favorite for most of the young players. They were more interested in the chips and snacks while playing cards. Even some of the snacks were fresh prepared and delicious. And remember , there were 88 people to serve. I saw the extensive galley and wasn’t just a heat and serve place. I bet a lot of things would be different on other charters. We’ve really only seen pictures during sports charters.
  12. It started in SFO and ended in Vancouver. Never had a bad fish dish! The churrascaria might have been my least favorite but only because I ate too much! We stayed at the new Virgin Hotel in SFO pre-cruise. I have to say I was really let down.
  13. A lot! That’s why a lot of them gain so much weight when they retire.
  14. I'm pretty sure we could have used at least a portion (may $100) for the bet only chips. I just remember them explaining how those type of chips worked. Of course I could be wrong as I never tried.
  15. I too was on this voyage. It was great. We were on our 30th anniversary so I splurged for a PH with a butler. Prego twice, UmiUma twice, Waterside twice, Churrascaria once and Silk once. All were great and service on the entire ship was outstanding. I can try to answer any questions.
  16. Ditto on the ship transfer. We did that and it made it much smoother to get to the airport stress free. Also, my wife had her hair blown out (I guess that's a thing) a few times and she loved it. We didn't do it, but I think you can use it to get "bet only" chips for the casino. Winning chips come back as regular chips that can be cashed. Of course I would probably loose everything with nothing to show. Kinda like a blowout I guess 😁
  17. At Trident one day I asked for a bacon blue cheese burger. He said "let me see what I can do". Bacon was easy, but he brought a brand new wheel of blue cheese and cut it specially for me. Doesn't sound like much, but most lines would have told me they don't serve that.
  18. On our California cruise last month, we never saw anyone in that room the whole trip. It was our first Crystal and I couldn't imagine spending $250 extra when the other venues are so wonderful.
  19. Since I just got back with my wife celebrating our 30th anniversary on the Symphony, I can attest the service and food on both the ship and the plane were amazing! I was lucky enough to fly with an NBA team to China this past October. We had 3 flights and had a great time. Talked a lot with the Chief Steward and she said they only do charters. It holds up to 88 pax but she said there have been a lot of very wealthy people around the world use it for extended families etc. I can only imagine what it costs to have that bird sitting around while two basketball games in two Chinese cities along with a round trip from the US. I bet those BoSox players didn't mind the "short" trip across the pond. I know our 30 hours total in the air wasn't enough!
  20. Our first cruise was for our 10th wedding anniversary. 30+ cruises later we are trying Crystal for the first time this summer to celebrate our 30th anniversary. Carnival was our first and we had a great time watching the college kids get drunk and trying to hook up. Also been on RCCL, Celebrity, Costa, Princess and even Sea Dream. While the Sea Dream experience was the most luxurious, we have had fun on all of our cruises. We kind of knew what to expect and tried to lower those expectations so as not to feel disappointed. Costa had the most languages spoken during announcements, Princess had the most suite level benefits, Celebrity had the best suite level dining room, and RCCL had a nice concierge lounge. I say if you go in with expectations that are too high, you will probably be disappointed. I find it amusing when customers complain about trivial things. When you could probably just ask what you want and all of the cruise lines would probably bend over backwards to accommodate.
  21. Stickman, I noticed on the dinner menus they only showed one included white and red wine. Could you choose others with dinner?
  22. A kimono will be a first on a cruise ship for me! I guess we have a collector's item in the Crystal pajamas!
  23. That picture was taken between flights while we were in China. The poker chips and cards were brought on board and used a lot.
  24. I kind of assume in the PH cabins we would get robes and slippers. Wondering if pajamas are also provided. We got some on Crystal Air last year and not sure if we should pack them.
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