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  1. Yes and this is all somewhat short term....if suddenly we find we all need boosters in the fall that just adds a whole new can of worms to the situation.
  2. Because it is deceitful and dishonest if they have no intent to deliver what they are anticipating that people will pay for in the next couple weeks? If they announce those cancellations next week that would be honorable.
  3. Well there you go. Carnival needs to step up and get real with their customers or they will not be customers any longer.
  4. Yes, I am also bothered. I've had two previous cruises (not on Carnival brand) get cancelled. The first after Covid hit so understandable and the second was Alaska and I had only paid the deposit when those cancellations were announced and I took FCCs and moved the cruises to next year sad, but not disturbed. This feels sneaky and dishonest and is disturbing. If the issue is the ports are not going to allow cruise ships or Carnival is committed to only running short hauls around private islands and places they have already secured permission to dock then Carnival needs to put a stake in th
  5. If in fact they capped the capacity on all the cruises that fell off the website with some that have final due payments starting in alittle over a week how difficult is it for Carnival to sent out an email stating this? If they have already heard from Bermuda that ships won’t be allowed this year how difficult is it to send an email telling customers? And so on.
  6. It is in my opinion deceitful to stop cruises from being booked and not cancelling if there is zero corporate intention of fulfilling that cruise yet collecting final payments from customers. That has all the making of a class action lawsuit and is deceitful in my opinion. I will be expecting either confirmation that my booked October cruise is a go or is cancelled by my final payment date.
  7. I am with you also. I hate to forfeit the deposit but after already rebooking cruises that were cancelled to next year with FCCs I have zero confidence that the October cruises now missing from the website will sail and I will walk away from the deposit $$ rather than pay the balance due week after next. I am mostly disappointed that Carnival is not being honest and forthcoming with customers when they made the decision to remove those cruises from the website.
  8. Agree. I saw them disappear from the website and assumed they would be part of the cancellation announcement today.
  9. Where did you read Bermuda is not allowing cruise ships this year?
  10. Most final payments are coming due so it really feels unethical to remove the cruises from the website but not cancel them.
  11. But why would they not have included those in the cancellations today? I am also booked for a 7 day out of Baltimore earlier in October and all the Bermuda cruises are gone from the website until 2021.
  12. Hmmm, a bunch of October sailing are gone from the website, but no cancellation notice. Why would they not just have included those in the announcement today?
  13. I had two cancelled Holland American cruises so two different FCCs. I was told by my TA I could use them up on one cruise or split them up -- that they were like a "bank" of cruise credit. I decided to use both for a nicer suite next spring.
  14. I'm at my third shot at a cruise in 2020 - cancelled twice and now my October is gone from the website, but not my planner. I think I'm zero for three for 2020. I do have something booked on HAL in April of 2021 so we'll see.
  15. Regarding elevators, I presume that some people will continue to wear masks even if not mandated in crowded or confined spaces.
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