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  1. When I signed my wife and me up for C&A we had consecutive numbers. Which is how I figured out that a few years later they assigned her a new number. I called and they just said "You don't want the points on the original number". Royal IT marches to the beat of a different drummer.
  2. LoL on "Keep it clean please ". Aboard ship really limits your options. I would order room service breakfast to start, schedule a couples massage for mid day, and whichever specialty restaurant you both enjoy for dinner. If you are drinkers, I would buy a bottle or two for after dinner, maybe get chocolate covered strawberries or other dessert, and spend the rest of the evening in our cabin.
  3. St Kitts has the only railroad in the Caribbean, a great Fort with awesome views, good beaches, an island next door to visit (Nevis), The Amazing Grace Experience, a volcano to climb, and lots more.
  4. 8 nights aboard is always better than 7 nights aboard. Plus we love St Kitts so for us it's no contest.
  5. Must have been on those fancy ships I never sailed on back in the twenty-teens.
  6. My understanding is that JS can get a reservation in CK for dinner only, but only if they aren't fully booked.
  7. Wait just a minute here. Since when was here some sort of "Daily breakfast in the MDR" for Diamond and above. Granted my most recent cruise was in the previous decade, but I don't remember ever seeing that exciting perk on my welcome back list.
  8. Epic seems to be a love it or hate it ship. Reservations open 120 days out. We will try our first of two "free" specialty restaurants during sailaway since we can experience the same thing a week later. Some say Epic's spa is its best feature although I'm not a spa goer.
  9. Epic has the Priscilla Queen of the Desert musical. Also a singing and dancing production show. It will be weird not having a set MDR table. I've read plenty of negative posts about Epic but it'll be our first cruise since April 2019 so it'll be fantastic regardless of any crowding and standing in line.
  10. My first NCL voyage will be next January aboard the Epic out of San Juan. At about 200 days out I've been researching the ship and its culture on the NCL boards. The variety of cuisines aboard Epic appears to be a win over Royal. Passenger traffic flow on Royal is rarely a complaint and that's not true of NCL ship design. The rest seems to be a wash. We're boarding Explorer the day we disembark Epic so the contrasts will be sharp.
  11. The rule under my L&S was it had to be within 4 weeks of one year from the original sailing date. October 25 looks to be within that rule.
  12. The best benefit is the use of the Diamond Concierge, who can do everything Guest Services can do except cash transactions. I hate spending time in line while on vacation. And I also don't believe in chasing Status for the minimal monetary benefits.
  13. On 10+ night cruises we have three hard sided bags. One medium is nested inside the large and I have to lift the bed slightly to slide it under. The other medium is filled with shoes and is kept open and accessible.
  14. Me too. I've been tempted to post a screen shot for nostalgia.
  15. Try this: Do a mock booking onboard and then compare that with the NextCruise offer. If you don't use Voom the computer center computers will load the RCI website for free.
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