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  1. You'll eventually get all of the Jeopardy! questions correct. In Spanish.
  2. Ask him. If so he was in the Baltic all summer. When visiting our friends in Vancouver BC I told them I was taking a picture of their pool and will tell my friends their igloo melted into their basement.
  3. I hope Andrew realizes that sun dried tomatoes are just red raisins 😉
  4. I'm with Baowen. If we sailed insides instead of balcony cabins I wouldn't care which cave they gave me, including the most forward. But paying a premium price for a substandard (to me) cabin isn't tolerable. My only GTY experience was before Royal Up, and I saved $1000 on a Navigator balcony. They assigned a cabin directly beneath the Windjammer about 120 days from sailing. There were plenty more to choose from and I requested and received a much better location.
  5. It's 80 miles inland. It would take more than 5 hours to reach international waters, at such point Royal could open the Casino and not follow California liquor laws. Never going to happen.
  6. I still don't know why the change in Port Director upset the cruise lines. Anyone have any real information?
  7. The second best Diamond perk is the Diamond Concierge. The concierge can keep you from standing in line at guest services for most issues that come up. There is continental breakfast in the DL every morning and the DL is a nice quiet place to hang out during the day.
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