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  1. I have a navy blue indigo stretch velvet dress I've been thinking to take for Christmas dinner. I know it's probably a bit dressy but it's Christmas afterall. Living in the sub tropical south Texas -- 60's are winter for us 😂. I'm thinking this trip will be a good chance for us to see if we can travel with only carry on luggage -- even though it will be our longest non-car trip. I'm hoping by then I will have defined my style and paired things down to a fun, workable capsule travel wardrobe!
  2. We just booked a transatlantic cruise on Viking Ocean -- Lisbon to Miami -- for December of this year. This will be our longest cruise, our first on Viking Ocean, our first transatlantic and our first Christmas on a cruise ship. Per the itinerary we'll be in Bermuda on Christmas Eve :-). Looking for advice on weather, daytime cruise attire on Viking Ocean and dinner attire. I know there are no formal nights, but we're thinking we'll dress a bit spiffier for Christmas dinner. From what we've read they say Viking Ocean is a more casual ship, but it's hard to envision more casual than NCL or RCCL... I'm thinking they might mean a different kind of casual??? Hopefully some of you have some experience to share... TIA
  3. We'll be there too. Seriously cannot wait!
  4. Thanks everyone! Sometimes it strikes me as funny that I'm concerned about being over dressed... lol. Not going to worry about it anymore... On to worrying about how to pack. It will be our first fly in cruise. So far we've been able to drive so haven't dealt with any luggage limits...
  5. I'm a 36D -- not sure where that falls in the "large bust" range. I'm 56 but never had kids so the "girls" still hold up fairly well. ;) This dress has a built in shelf bra that will be fine for me. I did get a very good and comfortable strapless bra at Soma before our last cruise. I wore it all day and evening on several days and it never budged!
  6. You might also check out Steinmart. I stopped by there Monday and they had a ton of dresses on sale. I picked up this one for our December cruise. The price on another website was $178. I paid $40 Monday. As far as style, I'm a big fan of the sheath dress right now. I find if it fits in the bust it will pretty much skim the rest of me and no girdle kinds of undergarments necessary.
  7. I too saw the Road to the Runway show. Looks like an interesting bunch of designers. It's interesting that a couple seemed to do primarily menswear. In past seasons the menswear challenge has been a real challenge for most of the designers.
  8. We'll be on our first Norwegian cruise in December and chose the 3 upgrade meals as one of our freebies -- of course the UBP is the other. ;-) Thanks for all the input on restaurants. At this point I think we are leaning towards Le Bistro, Pinchu's (yes, even though there is an upcharge we think it sounds fun,) and Wine Lover's the Musical -- we've heard you can use the dining credit for this and it sounds like fun. Does anyone have any experience with this?
  9. We're taking our first NCL cruise in December -- Escape, same itinerary. Really enjoying your review and looking forward to the rest. Almost time to make our final payment and start planning excursions, dinners and most important -- first drinks!
  10. Good to know. Thanks! I think I'll pack what I normally do minus sequin dress and hubby's suit.
  11. I guess I'm more interested in whether you've seen people wearing what you would wear for a nice date night out? There are always those who will dress as casually as they can get away with on every ship. But are there others who "dress for the occasion?"
  12. Hubby and I are taking our first NCL cruise in December -- Itinerary is St. Thomas, Tortola and Bahama. Our previous cruises have been with RCL. This will be our first time Freestyle cruising. We actually enjoy getting dressed up on our previous cruises but we're not sure what's appropriate on NCL. Would love some input/advice from those who've been there, done that...
  13. My DH and I have taken 2 cruises, both on Royal Caribbean. Our next cruise is on NCL in December. Someday we'll try Princess. We really enjoy dressing up for dinner every evening of our cruises. It makes it something special -- like 7 date nights in a row! And while we're still working, our social calendar isn't filled with dressy events so we enjoy dressing for formal nights as well. Gives DH a chance to wear his wedding suit and I get to wear something special as well. We view a cruise as an escape from the ordinary and don't see the point in dressing as we would every day at home. I expect we will pack the same for our NCL cruise even if there is no designated formal night. I agree, there's something special about looking around at everyone looking their best.
  14. Really enjoyed your review. We're taking this cruise in December. It will be our first NCL cruise after a couple on Royal Caribbean. Can't wait!
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