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  1. Thank you for your replies
  2. RCI cancelled our cruise, when can I expect a refund of our deposit? Thank you
  3. Thank you for your replies. Our booking was made about 18 months ago with the TA. Sadly with the pandemic I no longer am able to receive a response from the TA.
  4. Our RCI booking was originally booked with a Travel Agent and I would now like to transfer my booking back to Royal Caribbean. Is that possible? Thank you
  5. It was my understanding that the 60 day refund clock started when Princess ceased operations on March 11th. I cancelled on Feb 28th, a cruise scheduled to depart on Apr 14th and I was refunded back to my credit card everything except the non-refundable penalty amount...which I filed a claim with AON insurance. Then Princess cancelled all cruises through mid May, so I filed for Princess Option 2 refund plan and AON closed my claim. The 60 day refund clock may begin on March 20th for me when I selected the Option Plan 2 or it could be March 11th when Princess ceased operations. To be honest
  6. Are you referring to the onboard Future Cruise Deposits (FCD)? If so, I cancelled all of my FCDs that I had in my Princess Personalizer account back on Mar 16, they have all been cancelled and are in for refund. However, the 60 day refund rule applies to FCD too...so, I'm still waiting to see the refund on my credit card.
  7. Credit card banks disputed credits are “conditional credits” and can be reversed if after their investigation they favor the side of the Vendor. So I wouldn’t spend the money...because it may be charged back to the cc holder. Good luck
  8. On March 17th, I cancelled all the Future Cruise Deposits “FCD” that were on file in my Princess Personalizer account. Since there is no ship or sail date, I wonder what refund order a FCD would fall into?
  9. On March 16, I cancelled and requested a refund for my Future Cruise Deposits that were held Active In my Princess Personalizer Account....to date no refund. Has anyone received a refund for cancelled Future Cruise Deposits? Thank you
  10. The Port of San Diego is closing to cruise ship passenger disembarkation on Apr. 1, 2020. Cruise ships may come into the port for supplies, but no one is permitted to disembark. Let’s not forget about our military too. There is a fleet of military ships that may need to come home to San Diego due to the Covid-19 too. Please pray for our military too. I pray for everyone on the Z & R for their safe return home, but the Captain made the right choice to go East through the Panama Canal.
  11. As a resident of SD County, I wanted to pass on to you that there is short supply in the grocery stores here. The stores are trying to keep up with stocking items on the shelves and many stores have opened their doors to Seniors in the early morning so they can shop without crowds....but, then there are crowds of Seniors too. Online orders seem to be out of stock. Costco is unbelievable...long lines to enter the store, then more lines to purchase paper goods...then more long lines to check out. Restaurants are offering take-out orders, No inside dining and bars, clubs are all closed and ma
  12. Those passengers on the Amsterdam that are unable to fly will transfer to the Pacific Princess to cruise to LosAngeles. Princess and HAL are sister companies. I think there is another sister cruise line in port, Seaborne that will also be transferring some of their passengers to the Pacific Princess too.
  13. I read on the Pacific Princess (World Cruise Jan20, 2020) CC blog that the ship will be sailing back to Los Angeles with selected passengers that are unable to fly home. The Pacific Princess and Amsterdam are both docked in Fremantle and there are selected passengers from the Amsterdam that will be joining the Pacific Princess cruise back to Los Angeles. Read the last page of that blog. Good luck.
  14. Do you think that Princes will deviate Itineraries that includes ports of call in China this year?
  15. We have a HAL beverage card, issued complimentary by HAL and we may not be able to use the entire value on our upcoming cruise. Is the balance on that card still available for use on a future HAL cruises? Thank you for your replies
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