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  1. Thanks! I apparently earned 7 bonus credits last cruise, and didn't even know it. By my 3rd cruise I'll have moved to two star.
  2. Do you earn cruise day bonus credits (per $300) by purchasing excursions, or indulgences, prior to embarkation?
  3. My NCL stock is up a bit today too. well, everything is up lately. I hope it keeps up. Interesting to hear about the stockholder perks. Might have to busy some CCL.
  4. Thank you! I think we'll bring on a case of water and two bottles of wine, since it won't cost us anything. I'm glad HAL offers this, NCL does not.
  5. is that something they would have to dry dock for? Must be hundreds of thousands in damage.
  6. Does Holland America allow you to bring bottled water, soda or wine onboard?
  7. Just wanted to thank everyone for the advice, I really appreciated it! I ended up finding a Holland America Line cruise that worked a little better with my schedule and each port was one I hadn't been to. It is also out of Florida, so no cold sea days! That was a piece of advice I definitely went with!
  8. I was bummed to find out that this doesn't apply to cruises sailing in February. This would have earned my booking otherwise.
  9. Thanks everyone for the advice. I'm going with princess. Especially since NCL raised their prices by over $300/pp since I first looked, and princess has gone down a tiny amount. the Best.Sale.Ever does not affect this booking, so it is only applying to sailings after March 26th. The price did come down a little, but they also took away the wi-fi package, so it was a wash.
  10. Just did a little googling on the best. sale. ever. Looks like it will only apply to sailings that embark March 26th 2020 or later. They had a huge sale during black Friday that I should have jumped on. I'll let you know what I learn tomorrow though!
  11. Thanks for the info on the promotion starting tomorrow. I'll wait and see what that looks like. I'm leaning almost fully to Princess. I like the suggestion of flying down a few days earlier. We're going with an ocean view, unless the balcony price drops. This is very helpful! Thank you!
  12. I could use some help deciding on which cruise to go on. I've narrowed it down to two. I am looking at either doing the NCL Gem, 11 day out of NYC in February or Crown Princess 10 day in February out of Florida. I've done NCL three times, Jewel, Breakaway and Epic. I did HAL once and that was a bit more upscale from what I remember. I'm in the Northeast so am either driving to NYC or flying to FLL, over all the cost is about the same with Crown Princess being just a little more once you factor the flights and hotel. They are close enough in total cost that I'm now trying to decide which
  13. and really salty i found. so my bottom choice, unless you really love salty meats!
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