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  1. Hi, Can't fix my spelling--oops--I'm embarrassed. I just wondering if or when the Vision will be getting Specialty Restaurants and/or Concierge/Diamond Lounges? Thanks so much! Kathy
  2. Hi, I just saw your most current restaurant list and other helpful sites. I will look at those, too. You are a wealth of information. I really appreciate your help. Thanks so much Kathy
  3. Paul and Marilyn, Thank you so much for all the great information. I just finished looking at all the sites and I now have a much better understanding of how PV is laid out. The maps are invaluable. We have seen the Marine Museum( I swear there used to a restaurant overlooking the water near there) , Flea Market and walked by the restaurant I assume was Cafe Roma, but were not hungry yet. Another time we went to the Shrimp Factroy with people from the ship and did not even realize it'slocation. I think we will do just as you suggested and take a cab to La Palapa and go from there. I looked at the restaurant menus and there seems to be a good variety. I really appreciate your help. I guess I always thought that the square where the cathedral is located was Old Town. Now, I know better. Many Thanks! Enjoy your day Kathy
  4. Hi, Wow, what a lot of good responses. I could have been a little more specific and I am sorry if that has led to some misunderstandings. We have been to PV several times, but always on a cruise ship. We remember when PV was a small town when we came on the original Love Boat in the Mid-70's. Since my retirement, we have been in PV a few times. Hardrock, Carlos and Charlie's, etc. are not the types of places we usually go. We have eaten at the Blue Shrimp and the Shrimp Factory. The Blue Shrimp was excellent if a bit hard to find. We have been to the tourist sights and now usually enjoy a nice lunch and then spend the rest of the afternoon getting a massage and drinking Coronas at the Krystal. We have always walked the Malecon and enjoyed the sulptures both metal and sand along with all the other beach activities. Last time we had lunch at a place on the Malecon. I think owned by the same people who own Trio. I have done a lot of reading on the boards, and I think I remember that. The food was very good. This time I think we will go to Old Town. I am going to look at the great maps and sites that MSN Travelers suggested, Thank You so much for your help!! We really don't have to have shrimp so if their is a great seafood place in Old Town that anyone would like to suggest that would be great. My DH loves the whole fish thing. I'm the shrimp lover. We just really enjoy eating while watching the ocean and beach activities. Again, Thank You Everyone. We all have different tastes and expectations and that is what makes the CC boards so great a place to share Have a great weekend!! Kathy
  5. Hi, We are looking for some good shrimp and a casual restaurant on the beach to have some Coronas and shrimp. We love the kahlua shrimp at Tony's on the Beazch in Mazatlan. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for you help!!! Kathy
  6. Hi, I can't seem to remember.:confused: Is there an afternoon formal tea on the Vision's MR cruise? Thanks much!!! Happy Sails to All Kathy
  7. Good Afternoon, Our favorite thing to do in PV is to get massages at the Krystal Hotel. The massages are under white tents on the beach with waves crashing and a tropical breeze blowing. If you like have a Corona before, after or both (like we do) at the pool bar. Lots of cruisers spend the day there, but we enjoy walking down the Malecon to see the sculptures, both metal and sand. The Krystal is a few blocks from where the ship docks. You can find the info on these boards. Millineum Massage Clinic at the Krystal Hotel or on any PV tourist site. Thanks for the restaurand info Charlie 98. We are going to try it next month. Happy Sails kathy
  8. Hi again, Sorry about that. I got kicked off the computer and had a terrible time getting back on. Tony's is located between the Caravale and Fiesta Hotels in the Golden Zone. The taxi cost was $12 to get there and $10 to return to the ship. You can go by bus, but i don't know how. We had the Imperial Platter for 2 which consists of tortilla soup, potatoes, veggies and rice I think. 3 large Mexican lobsters and 6 large shrimp are served over a small oveny thing. The cost was $40. I really don't know other prices. Following are directions I copied from a CCer long ago. You can do many things in Mazatlan. Either organized tours or go on your own to see some places. If you like the beaches, there is a nice restaurant on the beach called TONYS ON THE BEACH (there are other Tonys but this is the best). It is in between Caravelle and Fiesta Inn Hotels, next to another restaurant called Chili Peppers. You can sit down in a chair with a table and umbrella right on the sand, or, upstairs on the side of the beach watching the sea and having a margarita or piña colada. They have excellent Mexican or Sea food. Another choice is to go to a Hotel to use their instalations, like El Cid. As long as you spend some money there (food, drinks) they normally are happy to have you there. In case you want to do some snorkling, or kayaks, they have an aqua sports center. Another choice is a visit to the Mazatlan Aquarium, which is very nice and they also have a Botanical garden and some shows with sea lions and birds. I would also do a walk thru the Old Mazatlan, where there are many sidewalk cafes with excellent food also. I could go on and on with the list, but I hope I gave you a little idea of something to Whatever you decide, enjoy this beautiful city. Enjoy Happy Sails Kathy
  9. Hi, We just got back from our cruise on the Golden. I could not resist the call of Tony's kahlua shrimp. They were awesome-stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon and sauted in Kahlua, I think. Even better than I remembered. The tortilla soup was wonderful and Don really enjoyed his Mexican Lobster. I guess we will always go to Tony's on the Beach because it is so great. Frank had a tour come in while we were there. Another group from the Golden that had read about Tony's on Cruise Critic were enjoying their meal there. The food is outstanding and the service is great. Everyone is so very friendly. It is always fun. If we were in Mazatlan for more than one day once a year, I am sure we would try other places for shrimp, but on our one day we will continue to go to Tony's because for us it is not an urban myth but a true urban legend. Thanks to all who responded.:) Happy Sails Kathy
  10. Thanks Everyone, Not sure, but will probably try La Palapa, maybe Daquiri Dicks They all look so good.:D Thanks again. Kathy
  11. What is the best spot for lunch along th Malecon in PV? We really enjoy the fresh seafood. Thanks Kathy
  12. Hi Shaggy, Tony's at te Beach has a huge menu, both Seafood and Mexican fare. I think DH and I had the Imperial Platter for 2 for $35. last January. You get chips and salsa,tortilla soup, salad, veggies, potatoes and this huge platter of shrimp and Mexican lobster. Mazatlan Frank 1st introduced us to the place and we keep going back. I know you will enjoy it. It sits right on the beach. Have fun with Frank . he is a great guide. Happy Sails Kathy
  13. The kahlua shrimp are at Tony's on the Beach. Mazatlan Frank intoduced us to Tony's on the Beach a couple of years ago, and we have always gone back. The Imperial Platter is unbelievable. I was just wondering what the folks who have had both Tony's and Victor's thought. I think I would enjoy the seafood more than the Mexican fare at Mokalys. We used the directions already posted to get there. Enjoy Happy Sails & Thanks kathy
  14. Thank you all for you help!!! Kathy
  15. Thanks everyone for your help. I am sure those that want to see the game will have no problem finding it. Kathy
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