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  1. Told you I'd have more questions. Princess has a Knitters and Knatters club that meets every morning on sea days, does Celebrity have anything comparable. I'm a knitter and enjoy sitting with others and talk and knit and talk and knit. Have no idea what a "knatter" is.
  2. Hubby and I will be taking our first Celebrity cruise next April (2020). We've been loyal the the Princess Cruises; however, some of the changes they have recently instituted we don't like. Therefore, we are giving Celebrity a try. We are on Celebrity Reflection Trans-atlantic from Ft. Lauderdale in April 2020. Now for my question(s): Laundry facilities: Princess has self-service laundies on every deck so I can pack less clothes. I understand Celebrity does not. 1-how expensive is it to have laundry sent out, 2-will they wash in cold water if requested, 3-will they bring back certain item (my undies and bras) so I can air dry in the room (I never put these items in a dryer). One of the things I liked about Princess is we didn't have to walk through the casino every time we wanted to go somewhere. How is the casino setup on Reflections, in particular. Is it off to the side or right in the middle so that you have to walk through it no matter where you're going. Princess has what they call a Daily Platter that lists everything going on that day. Does Celebrity have something similar? I don't have a cell phone and don't want to carry around my Kindle constantly and spend money on internet service. I know I have more question but that's good for a start.
  3. Hubby and I have been loyal Princess cruisers; however with the changes this year we are switching to another cruise line. Dinner times at 5:15 and 7:30 are you kidding me! Do they think they are running an Old People's Home. Active seniors don't eat that early. Show times in Princess Theater have also been changed, I suppose to accommodate for the earlier dining times. Now I find out from a friend that the lariat for the new Medallion costs $7.00-$18.00. Are you kidding me! You treating me old and at the same time have your hand in my pocket. Thanks but no thanks! Goodbye Princess!
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